Black Friday Specials 



Special #1

When buying less than 10 taggers the client gets a 10% discount for two less expensive taggers and also gets two Trinity grenades as a gift. This special cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Special #2

When buying 10 or more taggers, a set of 'killing' devices is added for free. The set consists of “Cerberus” mine, “Trinity” grenade, and a laser tag knife. Please note that this special can be combined with our 10 + 2 and 15 + 3 (regular) specials


- One client can get this special only once while the special is active.

- Due to grenades being not available for delivery with the UPS (if this shipping method is selected), the client has an option of replacing it with a nano smart remote. Or client can replace Grenade+Cereberus+Knife gift with any other additional devices for the same $182 price. 

- This special will apply to all payments that are sent before November 19, 2021