Laser tag software

Laser tag software for X-generation equipment 


X-gen uses WIFI for 

- connecting all guns and manager PC into one network 
- changing gun settings 
- changing scenario settings 
- starting and stopping game rounds 
- tracking online scoring and displaying it on a large screen  


X generaton lasertag sofrware


        download lasertag software    Install Online Configurator for Windows from Microsoft store  



Laser tag software for 9-generation equipment 


The program is designed to configure the game settings for laser tag devices. The program has a convenient interface and allows you to take advantage of the latest versions of laser tag devices. Software development process before large-scale competitions is accelerated due to the creation of presets of game settings and their rapid loading to laser tag devices. Now the game managers can create characters and presets, share them, and players can download them to their game kits.

Laser Tag Configurator software





download lasertag software2  Download Laser Tag Configurator for Windows 
    download lasertag software2  Install Laser Tag Configurator for Android tablets  
           download lasertag manual  Download Laser Tag Configurator User Manual


The program includes the following groups of functions:
• Creation and editing of game characters;
• Editing of presets and creation of your own.
• Writing the specified parameters to laser tag devices;
• Testing saved game settings immediately after configuration.
• Creating game parameters for extra devices and writing them to laser tag devices;
• Creating, saving and publishing game statistics in a social network.

Configuration software has become easier to use. While designing this software, we relied on that the User should get maximum functionality, change all possible settings, and then be able to configure quickly the game kit for a few seconds due to the selecting of saved presets. LASER TAG CONFIGURATOR has also the following advantages:

• A completely new interface;
• Configuring all the game kits and extra devices in one program.
• Improved Settings menu
• Program customization;
• Multilanguage;
• The rate of reading and processing of parameters has been significantly increased;
• Testing the devices after the data writing;
• Full game statistics showing the achievements of the players;
• Saving statistics and printing it directly from the program;
• Sharing game statistics in Facebook and VK social networks;
• Working in different Windows and Android versions, including the most recent.