LaserWar Company - Laser Tag equipment manufacturer and developer

"LaserWar" company is one of the world leaders in development and production of laser tag equipment.

The “LaserWar” company was founded in 2006. Since that time, we have achieved great results and we can say that we are the leader in manufacturing and commercialization of out-of-arena (outdoor) rentable Laser Tag Equipment in America, Europe, Asia and former CIS countries.

LaserWar USA - Laser Tag Equipment Developer

LaserWar USA - Laser Tag Equipment Manufacturer


Most of our production facilities are situated in Smolensk city (Russia).


Why is LaserWar the best choice for your business as laser tag equipment manufacturer? We do everything to meet the changing demands of our clients. We continue to expand our product line, and now produce more than 100 models of lasertag equipment.



Our prices are very competitive, especially due to the currency rate changes. The high-quality assembly of our devices guarantees that our lasertag equipment has no throw-outs or manufacturing defects. That's why using LaserWar products would be the best choice when you’re opening your own active recreation and sports club or for purchasing them for personal use.

More than 600 clubs More than 600 clubs around the world are working on «LaserWar» equipment. And it's not former Soviet Union republics like the Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, but in Europe: Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland, Spain etc. in North America in Canada and in South America in Brazil and Chile. Clubs with our equipment are functioning in Japan, Israel, South Africa and other countries.

LaserWar USA - Laser Tag

LaserWar USA - Laser Tag


As a laser tag equipment producer, every year we expand our service centers network where you can get professional help from our experts.

Today, the «LaserWar» Company produces equipment of 7th, 8th and 9th generations:

Distinctive features of 7th generation of LaserTag Equipment  
Distinctive features of 8th generation of LaserTag Equipment 
Distinctive features of 9th generation of LaserTag Equipment

Now the company is developing the 10th generation.

If you want to buy our equipment, find it in our Internet store.  

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