Laser Tag Tactical shield

tactical shield  for Laser tag
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Price / kg:
Optical system
7.7 lb (3.5kg)
39in (99 cm)
19in (49 cm)

This laser tag tactical shield was specially developed for those players who are tired of fast skirmishes and lightning-fast captures of control points.

Laser tag tactical shield


This object will be an excellent solution. The using of such device changes the mode of the battle. Each tactical decision begins to affect the course and outcome of the battle. This shield will cover not only the player but also his teammate. Considering its dimensions: 

- height – 39in (990 mm),
- width - 19in – (490 mm),
in the case of competent positioning, you can cover 2-3 persons behind this shield.

Of course, a player that uses the shield in battle will be limited in selection of available guns: he will have to select some handy pistol that will allow you to "fight off" the enemies. Therefore, it is better to use such protective equipment only of you have established tactics and well-coordinated team. The shield potential is maximized in narrow corridors, doorways, darkened corners.

laser tag tactical shield

Laser tag tactical shield is equipped with an inspection window and two integrated LED lights. Turning on and off is made from the buttons located on the back side. The shield is equipped with a grip handle and a belt loop for fastening to the forearm. It can be equally effectively used both with the left and the right hands. The weight of the shield is 7.7lb (3.5 kilograms), that’s why it allows you to play long games.

tactical shield for laser tag

Laser tag Tactical Shield is excellent for breaching rooms along with teammates, useful against enemy snipers and great for protecting team members, including the VIP.


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