Firetag emitter

Firetag laser emitter
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1.4 in (35 mm)
3300 ft (1000 meters)
Up to 72 hours.
-4°F to +104°C (-20°C to + 40°C)

This firetag-emitter unit can be used with any type of blank, civil or military guns and does not require integration of additional electronics (boards, wires, batteries or sensors into the gun shell.

The emitter sends laser impulse that is received by receiving sensors located on another player's body, player's head or a gun.  A laser shot is produced by an infrared laser emitter built into firetag-emitter unit. So technically everything works exactly as in classic laser tag.  But firetag-emitter synchronizes this laser impulse with a blank shot using a built-in microphone sensor.

fire tag equipment for the player

Firetag-emitter also has its own integrated receiving hit sensor. So the player can also shoot the enemy’s gun and it will be blocked for a while or until the end of the battle depending on the game settings.

Firetag-emitter is connected with players vest, headband or helmet by Bluetooth. The infrared emitting protocol is compatible with Miles Tag. Tha's why business owners and operators can use all other devices from Laser tag to diversify gaming scenarios like grenades, battle stations, respawn boxes and so on.   


Adjustment fire

The emitter is located on an adjustable platform, which can be moved vertically and horizontally with adjustment screws.

firetag adjusting fire with screws
Adjustment shots can be made using a special button, without making gun shots with a button 

firetag adjustment button for fire adjustment


Firetag-emitting unit can be mounted on any gun barrel, fore-end or any part that has Picatinny rail using a universal mounting, which is included.

firetag emitter mountted on a gun barrel

firetag emitter mounted on picatinny rail

 Note that the minimum order volume is 10 emitters.


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