Minigun M-134

Six-barrel rotary machine gun “Minigun M134”
Minigun M134
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Six-barrel rotary machine gun “Minigun M134” is at US Army service since the 1960s. It still a very effective weapon of fire support. It is set to the strike and heavy transport helicopters.
The use of a rotating block of six 7.62 mm barrels provides this machine gun with a rate of fire up to 6000 rounds per minute. Use of Gatling-style rotating barrels design helps prevent overheating and allow for a greater capacity for a high firing rate.

M134 appears in movies and video games. "Terminator 2" and "Predator" have impressive scenes with this machine gun. The popularity of these fictional miniguns is part of what coined the colloquial use of the term "minigun" to refer to Gatling-type guns of almost any description, while it is the M134's model name in particular.
However, in real life, it will be difficult for you to repeat the gests of superheroes - the weight of the weapon, even without the batteries needed for firing, is more than 44lbs, and the recoil at that rate of fire will knock shooter down.

This game set will diversify gameplay and allow you to play a lot of exciting scenarios using this machinegun. Let’s consider it in all details.

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Body and electronics

A big gun that weight more than 44lbs fully made from steel with minimum use of plastic.
This machine gun uses its own hit sensors, so players can use their personal taggers while the minigun reloads. Machine gun capacity is 1000 rounds, the rate of fire is 1500 rpm, reload time is 30 seconds. So as said above players should defend themselves while this minigun reloads.

Two speakers built into the body provide high-quality sound, with one of the speakers facing the player for better sound, since the rotating block of barrels when shooting creates a specific noise.
This game set has a lithium battery with a capacity of 3000 mah for electronics and the additional internal battery or external power source for rotating the block of barrels.
Charging connector for the main battery for Li+ charging device located under the machinegun handle. There is also a charging connector for an additional battery.

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You can operate with machinegun using 1 of 3 modes.

The operation modes are controlled by two switches located under the handle. The left switch turns on the device (position "up"), and the right one determines the mode of the barrel rotation mechanics.

Modes and switch positions

Lightweight mode - shooting without rotation of the barrels (Middle position of the switch)
Mobile mode - rotation of the barrels from the internal battery (Top position of the switch)
Stationary mode - rotation of the barrels from an external power source (Bottom position of the switch)

The two-position trigger located in handle under the pointing finger. A light press of the trigger starts the rotating block of barrels and when trigger fully pressed, shooting starts.
Reload is done to the button, which located under the thumb.

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This machine gun will increase your firepower and give much more realism to your events.


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