Mk 43 «TORNADO» Original Series

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Price / kg:
Electronics Generation
Optical system
13.9 lb (6.3kg)
43.31 in (110 cm)
820 ft (250 m)
Up to 30 hours.
Li+ (2.2 Ah; 7,4V)
+ (8,4V; 1000 mA) (additional option)

This game set is especially interesting for veteran laser tag player and those, who prefer to cover with squall fire the offensive of their team and carry on the weight of the main firepower. Yes, we are talking about the machine-gunners.

Now our armory is supplement with the brutal newcomer - Mk 43 "TORNADO" attacking laser tag machine gun and we will describe in detail all the features of this monster.
But first, let me give you some background. This machine gun traces its origin to a well-known line of American M60 machine guns. In the early 1990s, Saco Defense company improved M60E3 under the requirements of The US Naval Special Warfare Command, making a lot of developments to eliminate the existing weaknesses. The new machine gun has got a new index M60E4. This new machine gun, with a shortened and thickened, so-called "assault" barrel, was adopted in 1995 by the Marine Corps and the US Navy under the name Mk 43. The machine gun has got a strengthened bipod, improved receiver, a more robust barrel, and more reliable operation of the trigger assembly.
Laser tag Mk 43 machine gun game kit is made on the basis of airsoft Mk 43 rifle from A&0K company. Like most airsoft based laser tag guns, we recommend this model for personal use. Thanks to the original look, it will become a gem of personal armory or addition to your operator’s arsenal form military simulation games, where the originality of the gun is more important than the reliability in a mass rental.

Mk43 lasertag machinegun

First impression and wow effect!

The rifle is very detailed, and all small details of the mechanism, many of which are quite functional. A considerable weight of the machine gun (6.3 kilograms) adds vividness to this gun, giving players the opportunity to feel like real machine gunners and demanding good physically fit.
The standard machine gun tube provides a range of fire - more than 250 meters.

M60-mk43 lasertag machinegun

The case and Electronics

The barrel and receiver are made of aluminum alloys; and foregrip, handles, and buttstock are made of plastic. The detachable box-type magazine is clothed with a khaki fabric. There is a special leaning back handle for carrying a machine gun in combat located above the barrel. The machine gunner can also carry this gun with a belt, which is threaded through the grooves in the butt of the stock and fastened with a carbine to the swivel bow located near the forearm.

Recharging is made by pulling back and returning to the starting position of the breechblock handle, with the breechblock returning manually.

forearm belt for lasertag machine gun

This laser tag kit uses 2.2 Ah lithium battery that provides up to 30 hours of continuous play. The charging socket and the indication LED are located on the left side of the buttstock. To charge this laser tag gun use Li + charger, for example, "Spider".
The kit is turned on with a key. The key socket is located near the trigger guard at the bottom of the buttstock. The sound speaker is also located in the buttstock.

mk43 machine gun laser tag buttstock

Sights and bipods

This gun is equipped with a regular machine-gun sight, consisting of a high-up front barrel sight and a folding rear sight. The design of the rear sight provides for the possibility of fine adjustment of the sight horizontal and distance by two handwheels, as well as step-by-step adjustment of the range by shifting the aiming bar.
Telescopic folding bipods are fixed on the hinge under the barrel. Pressing the upper part of the bipod releases the spring lock pin, and bipods can be placed in the working position or folded along the forearm. The length of bipods is adjustable.

machine gun bipods

Box-type magazine

The machine gun is equipped with a detachable box for a cartridge belt. Of course, it is empty, but it can be used for placing in any useful little things.

Box type magazine machine gun

Buttstock, handles and the trigger mechanism

The buttstock of the machine gun can be conveniently attached to the shoulder, and the shoulder piece protects it from accidental slippage. The pistol grip provides a comfortable and reliable hold. The gun safety lock is double-sided, turning the lock over the handle blocks the trigger.
Shooting from a machine gun is possible from several positions. In the assault version, two pistol grips provide the possibility of marching fire, allowing relatively convenient holding this machine gun in the "standing" position with pressing the buttstock to the shoulder. The player can also possible hold the wide plastic fore-end. In the "lying" position the player can use bipods.

trigger mechanism of laser tag

Mk 43 "TORNADO" laser tag machine gun is already available for order.


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