Laser tag Location imbalances

Quite often you can have a situation when the location is not balanced and one of the game parties have some playing advantage. If the location is your own, then there is no problem, you can fix this imbalance. However, there are situations when changing location characteristics is practically impossible. For example, you cannot pick up and move the building. The way out depends on the scenario for which you need to solve the problem of location imbalance. We take into account that for some reason you cannot rebalance teams.

In the Deathmatch Scenario, the imbalance of location is solved in the following ways:

  • Changing teams starting points;
  • Forbidding playing in some areas of locations for all or some of the teams.

In the Domination scenario and Deathmatch + Domination Scenario, balance can be corrected this way:

  • Changing teams starting points;
  • Forbidding playing in some areas of locations for all or some of the teams;
  • Shifting the Domination point closer to one of the teams or closer to the shelter of some team.

For the Assault scenario you can do the following:

  • Shift the Domination point within the defense zone for either easing or making it harder to capture it;
  • Forbidding the defense team from getting out from the defense object; 
  • Making the defense team start from the Domination point (ie, without the possibility to take a defensive position in advance);
  • Decreasing or increasing the hitpoints multiplier for the defense team;
  • Shifting the respawn device location closer or farther away from the assault object;

In Bases or Flags scenarios, you can correct the location imbalance with the following methods:

  • Shifting the Domination points within the defended objects, to make it easier or harder to capture them; 
  • Forbidding certain teams from visiting some location zones;
  • Shifting each team’s respawn devices closer or farther away from the team base.

Interesting tactics in a Laser Tag Assault scenario

Assault scenario is one of most interesting scenarios because it allows you to constantly use a variety of assault tactics on the one hand: simple Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush tactics in Laser Tag Assault

or breaking out a certain flank and capturing the point from this flank side;

Laser Tag breaking out the flank


or capturing the heights, such as the roof, and the subsequent breaking out of Defense Team players.

It also allows you to use different defense tactics, such as making several sniper's nests on the roof and defending the approaches to the building; or sending a few snipers from the cover to the rear of the assault team and irritating the opposition with constant shelling from all sides.

How to correct location imbalances in a Laser Tag Assault scenario

In the Assault scenario, an experienced instructor can define location balance between the sides of the game and if the location has strong imbalances, they can be corrected by reducing or increasing of Defense Team hit points multiplying the coefficient (for example it can be decreased from x8 to x4) or by shifting the Respawn Device installation closer or farther from the assaulting object.

Optional Rules in a Laser Tag Assault scenario


The Assault process can be greatly complicated if the Defense Team is allowed to hide the Domination point inside the building (the Point should not be covered up with something). However, in this case, much will depend not on the performance of the Assault Team, but from the chance and opportunity (have time to find or not). Therefore, generally, such rule options are used less frequently.

The Assault process can be further complicated if you let the players of the Defense Team leave the assaulting object. In this case, for example, a sniper from the Defense Team can come out of the assaulting building and hide at some distance and behind the storming players and can cause a lot of trouble to the Assault Team.

Some rules variations permit leaving the assault object to the Defense Team players, some do not. Some are allowed to leave ahead of the game, and some are allowed to leave the assaulting object only after the start signal.