The ability to play on all ranges

The most important thing in paintball and airsoft is to restrict access of foreigners to the game area because they can be hit by the ball. The size of the gaming location depends on a number of participants, but in any case, it should be a closed area. Large training areas and large buildings in most cases are not suitable for paintball because the shooting distance in this sport is approximately 100 feet. Moreover, usually, it is quite difficult to arrange with the owner of the gaming area about renting for paintball and airsoft games, because while playing paintball, players daub everything with the paint, and after an airsoft game, there are dents everywhere from the balls. Therefore, the owners of areas, such as forests or temporarily unused buildings rarely rent their property for such types of games. But even they are able to agree that you should incur additional costs because you need to organize a closed security zone, where resting people, the audience and “dead” players should be placed.

Laser Tag has no such disadvantages. Firstly, it doesn't leave any traces, no paint or physical harm, that's why it is easier to arrange renting a game area, even if this area is not intended for such games.

Secondly, you can play laser tag in your own indoors. You can have a laser tag battle in your own office or a cafe. If you're not running around and knocking off the equipment with your body, then all will be saved. And the power of the shot signal can be easily adjusted with Tagger settings.