The ability to play in almost any weather.

The best time for playing paintball and airsoft is the off-season only. If it is cold, your paintball tagger will freeze, balls will burst, the mask will mist and snow will stick to the feeder. Playing airsoft in the cold weather will also result in mask misting and large decline in battery capacity. During hot weather, your paintball balls will begin to stick together, and it will be very hot in the mask and in the full body thick clothes worn for protection against balls. Similarly, in airsoft - in thin clothes it will be very painful, in thick clothes - very hot.

Laser tag does not have these disadvantages because there are no damaging elements and so there is no need for masks and thick clothes protection. You can play in warm clothes and snow camouflage in the winter and shorts in the summer.

The strong limitation of laser tag is the rain that can soak a player's Laser tag gun because recent Headbands with hit sensors have been designed in such a manner that they can withstand high humidity and small amounts of rain.