Inability to cheat in Laser Tag

Inability to cheat in lasertag


In paintball and airsoft, players cheating during the game actually becomes the norm. We all have a desire to play a little longer, so not everyone calls their hits. Not every airsoft player is honorable and calls their hits 100% of the time without fail. Many players consciously cheat. Airsoft society even has the definitions for such players. They are called zombies, bulletproof or No-hit callers. The only thing worse than people not calling their hits is when people fire after they were hit. The unsportsmanlike behavior of such players is very bad for attracting new players to the game.

In paintball, it's a little more difficult but it's also possible to cheat. The player can always say that he was not hit, or he can quickly wipe the spot, or he can say that the spot was left from the previous game, etc. Moreover, in paintball and airsoft, it is impossible to prove that you have hit the opponent first. If it was a duel, then it is always a “word against word” situation. These things cause a large number of game conflicts that spoil the mood of all the players and lead to losing customers by these clubs. In Laser Tag, cheating of electronics is impossible. If you have hit your opponent first, he simply will not be able to shoot you, because his equipment will be disabled.