Determination of the firing direction in Laser Tag

It would seem that in paintball and airsoft, you can detect where you receive the fire, as you can see the direction from where the balls fly, and in laser tag, you don't see such a direction. However, in laser tag, you can use laser tag headbands that tell which side you were hit because the headband will flash and vibrate only on the side which was hit. Therefore, it would seem in this respect that the advantages of paintball and airsoft on one side and laser tag on the other side are equal. However, what can you say about the twilight or night game, or just a dark space where the balls are not visible or it is very difficult to see them? The Laser tag has shot lighting for these cases: a separate lamp in a weapon tube which flashes with every shot.

In addition, in laser tag, you can configure a power of the shot sound, of recharging and other activities. So, you can customize the sound of the shots so that it can be heard from 150 feet. It would be much closer to the actual battle weapon than in other sports.