Realistic weapons

Laser tag and paintball can not even be compared. Paintball, of course, has markers that are a bit like military weapons, but it is very sketchy. In any case, the feeder will be still too large.
In laser tag, you always have a choice. You can play with a Tagger like a toy gun made of plastic, you can play with plastic guns, that imitates actual firearms samples as in airsoft or you can even use real deactivated firearms that are rebuilt as a Tagger, which has a realistic shutter click.

There is a wide variety of types of weapons in laser tag: toy guns, pistols, assault rifles, light and heavy machine guns, light marksman and heavy sniper rifles, grenade launchers, shotguns, submachine guns, knives, mines, hand grenades and bombs.

A player can simultaneously carry a sniper rifle, a pistol, a knife and some grenades.

All this authenticity provides extremely high spectacularity for the players in laser tag games.