Sport benefits

One of the greatest possibilities in Laser Tag games is endless respawn of the player throughout the game. Some scenarios make it possible to create the conditions in which the player needs to constantly move and run around. An example of such a scenario is a Domination point, Assault for the assaulting team, Bases and Flags. Very strong emotions and a large portion of adrenalin allow the player to insensibly burn huge amounts of calories in a single game. In some cases, an experienced player can lose up to 4-6 pounds during one game (that lasts 3-4 hours with long intervals), and according to special sensors, can burn off up to 3,500 kilocalories. Therefore, laser tag has a huge effect for people who want to lose weight. Of course, it all depends on the willingness to run during the game, because those who stand and walk don't lose the weight. The usual amount of weight lost for the game is about 3 pounds. It's enough if you play once a week.

The features of paintball and airsoft do not allow playing such scenarios because the player cannot be respawned many times during the game. If the player is “killed”, then he just goes out of the playing area and is waiting for the end of the game in a rest area.