Laser tag Impulse Blowback system

Laser tag Impulse Blowback system

Original Impulse Blowback is a revolutionary approach to the implementation of the feedback mechanism in laser tag. Imagine that you are pulling the trigger of a tagger and there are bangs of shots, slightly muffled, but quite realistic, with recoil effect into the weapon handle. We were prompted to develop such a recoil system by requests from our pro-players, who participate in large scenario games, and select taggers that copy their military analogs.

LASERWAR developers have implemented a new recoil system based on airsoft drives shells. It is no secret that it is the airsoft versions that are especially popular with veteran players who play with their own taggers due to the high realism of the gun cases.

This new Impulse Blowback system requires additional power source that’s why we installed an additional battery into such guns. But this also an advantage. Our Original Impulse Blowback does not takes power from the main battery and does not reduce the battery life. Moreover, when the additional battery is discharged, the gun can be used without recoil, sounding the shots with a speaker as a regular tagger. 

switching the gun with Laser tag Impulse Blowback system

The socket for charging the main battery of and the anti-vandal switch-on lock are usually located on the fore-end.

charging additional battery for Laser tag Impulse Blowback system

Additional battery for the recoil system is located in the stock. There is also a socket charging this battery and a button for turning off the this impulse feedback option, which allows the player to turn off the system during training games, saving its operational life.

Original Impulse Blowback is an elite recoil system that can be a centre-piece of any player personal arsenal, it is not intended for rental, since, unlike a vibration motor, it is more difficult to maintain, and rental requires simple and inexpensive solutions. But for veteran players who attend large scenario games such guns we be a way to make the game bright, memorable and atmospheric. Even despite a relatively high cost (Original Impulse Blowback is about 7 times more expensive than classical vibromotor feedback) it is a good solution for veteran players.

In the near future we will present a full video review of the new recoil system, but for now we will compare the pros and cons of the two systems used in the production of LASERWAR equipment. Each of them is optimal for its area of application.

Smart Feedback


  • Smart feedback gives an additional tactile connection with the weapon
  • Has three customizable modes of operation (vibration when shooting, vibration when a player is hit, and both modes at the same time).
  • Has small dimensions and weight
  • Built according to the technology proven over the years
  • Colossal reliability of components (vibration motors, the same as in joysticks SonyPlaystation, X-Box, can withstand any load
  • Powered by a standard battery
  • Has low operating costs
  • Does not require additional maintenance
  • Ideal for rental clubs)

Original Impulse Feedback


  • Original Impulse Blowback has a highly realistic sound of a shot and a recoil impulse
  • Built using standard layout mechanics
  • Does not use the main battery and does not reduce the battery life
  • When the battery of the recoil system is discharged, the weapon can work without it
  • And most importantly, the Original Impulse Blowback gives your weapon individuality


  • Smart feedback requires a special place for integration into the layout
  • Reduces auto time nominal operation of laser tag weapons (up to 50% with fully enabled effects and up to 20% with injuries


  • Original Impulse Blowback requires the use of an additional battery and charging it.
  • The cost of the Original Impulse Blowback is 3 times higher compared to Smart feedback
  • It is not applicable to all types of weapons
  • Does not have custom modes of operation

But what about the traditional vibration feedback system? Has it time passed? On the contrary it has a large audience of users. Tradition vibration is an ideal option for laser tag operators, where, at a low cost, they will get a simple, reliable and budget recoil system for weapons that do not have overestimated requirements for realism.

As long as there are rental laser tag clubs, there will be a demand for a simple and reliable technical solution for mass use.