Laser Tag Bomb

Laser Tag Bomb is an Explosive Device Simulator with several functions like countdown, mining and clearance using special numbered codes.

Laser Tag Bomb


Laser tag bomb is one of the unique developments of the LaserWar company. This device considerably expands the opportunities of exciting game scenarios and adds an element of chance in the existing scenarios.

In fact - this is a device that turns your game into counterterrorism scenarios like Counter Strike game. You can save the world as Bruce Willis or become Mr. Evil. You can play game scenarios aimed to bring the bomb to the enemy's base and explode it, or vice versa, for some fixed time, destroy all “terrorists” and defuse the bomb. This device will be indispensable not only in gaming scenarios but also in large scenario games and Reenactments dedicated to specific events.



This device will provide huge variety and excitement to your everyday gaming scenarios.

Bomb Laser Tag

Game scenarios that use the Laser Tag Bomb can be found here.



Directions for use

The default admin password is 11111111111, the password for the player is all 22222222222. If the password were changed and you forgot it, then simply hold down "5" while in device activation and the password will be reset. After device activation, the LCD will show you what period of time is set for the countdown. If you press any key, you will see the input prompt "Enter code".

If you enter the administrator code, you will go to the Administrator menu. If you enter a player's code, the laser tag bomb will be activated, the LED will show countdown, the LCD indicator will briefly go out and then lights up again with "Enter code" prompt. If the player re-enters his code, the countdown will stop. If time is up, it will trigger an IR blast accompanied by a loud siren. After deactivation or "explosion", imitation restart is possible only after the power reloading.

The password can use any numeric combination from 1 to 11 characters.
You can also enter your company name in the device menu (it is the fourth function in the administrative menu of Explosive Device Simulator). You can also specify the label on the bottom line when the device is activated.

Use buttons:
2-8 (for letters selection)
and 4-6 (for position selection)
* - save changes
# cancel changes.

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It is also included in several sets for laser tag business.