Laser Tag Bomb

We have several devices that can be used as Laser Tag Bombs depending on operator’s budget.

Classic counter-strike bomb

This is the simplest bomb device in laser tag. It is a box with a button, a countdown clock display and built-in hit sensors.

lasertag bomb planted

To plant a bomb, the player needs to press and hold the button for a certain amount of time, and then shoot the bomb, confirming it has been planted by a live player. If the bomb does not get disarmed within a certain period, it explodes and kills those nearby.

To disarm the bomb, the player needs to press the button in the same way and hold it for a certain time, and then confirm the action by shooting the bomb.



The duration of hold and requirement whether plant/defusal needs to be confirmed or not can be changed according to your wish.

Read more about this bomb here.


Enigma and Perimeter Laser tag bombs

Enigma and Perimeter are Explosive Device Simulators with several functions like countdown, planting and defusal using special numeric passwords and a Flash drive

Enigma and perimeter equipment

These devices significantly expand the opportunities of having exciting game scenarios and add an element of chance to the existing scenarios, and besides, due to the integrated Wi-Fi module, they are part of the X-gen and Alphatag ecosystem and can influence not just players’ scores, but also and the results of game scenarios in the automatic mode.

In fact - these are devices that could turn your average laser tag experience into counter-terrorism training-like drills reminiscent of the world-popular Counter-Strike video game. You can save the world as Bruce Willis or become Mr. Evil. You can play game scenarios aimed to bring the bomb to the enemy's base and explode it, or vice versa, when there is still time, neutralize all “terrorists” and defuse the bomb. This device will be indispensable not only in gaming scenarios but also in large scenario games and Reenactments dedicated to specific events.

Game scenarios and use scope of these bombs are described here.


Old explosive device simulator

In our product line, we also have an older version of the Explosive device simulator that is less expensive but does not feature an integrated Wi-Fi module.

Laser Tag Bomb



You can buy these laser tag bombs in our online store.
They are also included in several sets for laser tag business.