How Laser Tag Works

Briefly, game players use two main devices - tagger and Laser Tag Headband with sensors.

  • Tagger is a model of weapon that shoots with invisible infrared rays, that are absolutely harmless to humans (like the infrared rays in your TV remote).
  • Laser Tag Headband is a regular strap with infrared detectors fixed on it, which detect infrared rays from the adversary's tagger.

Laser Tag Headband of a player is connected with the player's own Tagger usually via cable or Bluetooth.

 How Laser Tag Works

After hitting from the adversary's tagger, the player's Headband sends commands to the processor of the player's Tagger with:

  • The ID of an adversary's tagger
  • Damage, color and so on.

The player's Tagger in accordance with predefined settings decides what to do:

  • Player is wounded (decreases hitpoints, temporary disconnects sensors and Tagger of the player);
  • Player is killed (permanent disabling of the player's Tagger).

For the convenience of game participants, the hit player's Headband vibrates and lights, and its player's Tagger, depending on the configuration, voice messages about wounding or death.