How Laser Tag Works

Briefly, game players use two main devices that each player has,  namely Laser tag gun (called tagger)  and hit recording device (Headband or a Vest) with sensors on it.

  • Tagger (Laser tag gun) is a model of weapon that shoots with invisible infrared rays, that are absolutely harmless to humans (like the infrared rays in a TV remote control).
  • Laser Tag Headband is a regular strap worn by a player with infrared detectors fixed on it, which detects infrared rays from the adversary's tagger. Vest is a clothing worn by a player, which also features hit sensors.

So each player’s set usually consists of a Gun + Headband or a Gun + Vest (or both).

How laser tag works


Laser Tag Headband or a vest is paired with the player's own Tagger usually via Bluetooth.

Depending on the settings, when headband receives the hit it notifies the player that they are wounded or killed and disables the tagger if necessary (briefly if you’re wounded to imitate pain shock or completely until you’re revived again if you were killed).

The player's Tagger in accordance with predefined settings decides whether:

  • the player is wounded (decreases hitpoints, temporary disconnects sensors and Tagger of the player) or
  • the player is killed (permanent disabling of the player's Tagger).

For the convenience of game players, the Headband vibrates and flickers, and the Tagger, depending on the configuration, vocalizes information about in-game wound or demise.