Revolutionary AlphaTag Generation
- up to 7 guns per player
- Wifi, Bluetooh 5, NFC
- free scoring software

Sci-fi blasters and 100+ realistic taggers
Both for indoors and outdoors
The lowest price on the market
12 players’ business bundle from $ 5,700

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Configuration and scoring software
for FREE
More than 50
auxiliary devices

Revolutionary AlphaTag Generation
- up to 7 guns per player
- Wifi, Bluetooh 5, NFC
- free scoring software


X-Generation with live scoring
Free software
for configuration and statistics

  half the price of our competitors

works in all weathers

scoring application for free

operators in 90 counties

60 business operators In the US

What laser tag business is?

In most cases, this business includes holding activities for children's birthday parties, corporate events, school holidays, summer camps and scouting organizations, fundraisers, etc.

It works simply, you have laser tag equipment (about $5500 worth) -> you get people together or organize an event -> they pay you money to play (about $300 per game session).

First of all, it is a perfect business that can be run alone or in conjunction with other types of entertainment, so it will be a great addition to your existing Family Entertainment Center, game truck, inflatable bounce houses or other attractions, and even for a martial arts club or self-defense training, and so on. It is suitable for all ages; you can hold events outside as well as in a specially created arena. You can have a specific place to play games or go out to the customer’s location and use our gear as a mobile laser tag equipment unit.

Key advantages of laser tag as a business

1. It is a bargain for the money because a dozen-player set of equipment costs starting from $5,500 and pays back in a matter of months.

2. it's safe because laser tag uses not the actual lasers but infrared beams, just like the ones in your TV remote;
no BB’s, pellets no kinetic energy no injuries no need for protective clothing and expensive insurance.

3. It's not age-specific, so it's accessible to both seniors, adults, teenagers, and children.

4. It's fun and trendy. It's a sport-alike activity with a lot of positive vibes that can be played year-round, so customers will come back to you time and time again

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Commercial laser tag equipment

What is rental laser tag equipment?

The commercial laser tag equipment usually includes:

player kit, which is tagger + player hit sensors (headband or vest or both). The tagger ‘fires’ infrared beams, while the sensors register hits to the player

additional equipment, such as player revival kits, control points that players can capture and defend, remote controllers for game managers, and software for scoring and setting up game kits before or during the game

Why is our mobile laser tag equipment better?

our professional equipment is 2-3 times cheaper than that of our competitors

only our product line includes 100+ (from SciFi to similar to the real military or historical models of "guns") types of laser tag guns and 50+ auxiliary devices for the game

it works in a wide range of temperatures and in all weathers.

we do not charge for our software, we provide fast support, having service centers and a large community of operators.

Outdoor lasertag equipment versus indoor one

Indoor vs outdoor laser tag gear

There are two types of laser tag, indoors and outdoors.

Outdoors and indoors (arena) laser tag differ only by the location where events take place and the looks of the laser tag gear.

Indoor laser tag is played in a specially outfitted (with sound and light effects) arena, which in a high passing traffic place, like a shopping mall or family entertainment center. Players use taggers similar to sci-fi blasters and vests featuring built-in hit sensors. Each game ends with a big screen display of individual player statistics.

In most cases, outdoor laser tag is carried out in the bush, and operators primarily use realistic laser tag equipment as a mobile hub, and headbands are used as hit sensors. However, there are no fixed rules here.

Laserwar produces mobile outdoor laser tag equipment which can also be used for arena games. The outdoorness of the equipment is simply a matter of a larger temperature range and all-weather capability.

minimal set of mobile laser tag gear for business

Basic laser tag set

Where do you start your laser tag business? You would certainly want to purchase a basic set that can be used for event management. In order to have robust gameplay, you need two teams of 4-6 persons, so the recommended basic laser tag set consists of

12 laser tag player sets (tagger + headband), which is perfect considering our promotion of getting 2 free laser tag player sets for every 10 paid-for ones.

2 ‘respawn’ devices for each of the teams.

1 control point type device that the teams will be competing for (that will also extend the number of possible scenarios you would be able to conduct from common ‘team deathmatch’ and ‘free-for-all’ to ‘capture-the-flag’ and/or ‘domination’/team-centered ‘king of the hill’).

Scoring software, which we present for life on a free-of-charge basis to all operators.