Laser Tag Gear

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Laser tag equipment for commercial games

If you decided to start your own Laser Tag Business or you are an active individual Laser Tag player, you might need some unique and up-to-date Laser Tag gear.


What is Laser Tag gear?


1.  Laser tag gun

First of all, it's a Laser Tag Gun , a weapon that shoots with infrared raysTaggers can vary within a pretty vast range; they may be sci-fi weapons or weapons made as an imitation of actual firearms samples or prototypes.

Laser tag gun in equipment




2. Headband or a vest  

Hits detecting Laser Tag Headband  or a vest that records hits from another player’s TaggerHeadband is a set of infrared detectors,  fixed on a strap. Most laser tag players use a headband because it is a less expensive option but there are also vests with infrared sensors that can record hits on the player’s body.

list of lasertag gear - hit sensors (headband and vest)



3. Game master device

Tagger programming device that is used by operators if there is no access to a PC/Laptop/Tablet/Phone for guns configuration.

All taggers belonging to the X-gen and Alphatag generations with online scoring can be configured via local Wi-Fi network (no internet connection is needed) . However, a PC might not always be within your reach, and in addition, the game master sometimes needs quick access to the most common settings or batch processing (for example, when all team members need to be set with a new team color or equal hit points). All of this is maybe done very quickly using a special configuration device called smart remote pro

Taggers falling within the 8-9 generations category can be configured very fast with a computer or laptop run on Windows OS or Android tablet via Bluetooth.

Laser Tag game master gear

4. Additional devices

Digital flag device is the main multifunctional device used in the latest generations of X-gen and Alphatag laser tag gear. It combines several of the most popular features such as checkpoint, team base (HQ), digital flag and others. It has 7 main embedded scenarios and can be connected to Wi-Fi, reflect the game statistics of individual players and entire teams, as well as end scenarios according to certain criteria (capturing a point, destroying an HQ, delivering a virtual digital flag to the team’s base, etc. ). We highly recommend the digital flag in the basic laser tag package for commercial use. If you don't need online statistics, then you can use less expensive devices with a checkpoint functional, such as Smart control point, domination point, universal point, command post, etc.  Such checkpoint-themed devices are used in many Laser Tag scenarios as a tool that indicates domination of one of the teams over some target, seizure of some position (building, hill or something else).


Digital Flag lasertag equipment


Respawn Device - a device that revives the slain player. The device is needed in most scenarios that involve the restoration of a player's life. As a rule, laser tag business owner/operator needs two such devices for two teams, that work as team respawn bases

Respawn laser tag gear

We have different respawn devices, some of them perform their function when you the button on them, while others can do that automatically on a loop (Simple Medkit, Smart Medkit, Universal point, Command post).

- Laser tag bomb or explosive device simulator is a device with a countdown timer that is used be plant objectives by one team and defused by another one in some laser tag scenarios by having a live player enter the code. 

Enigma and perimeter equipment for laser tag games

We have different types of laser tag bombs (Enigma, Perimeter, Explosive device simulator, simple laser tag bomb)




5. Optional devices

Depending on the game rules of specific operator or game scenario, players can use some optional Laser Tag Gear that imitates military equipment.

Laser Tag Grenade is a device that provides striking of all players within some range a few seconds after its activation.

Laser Tag mine  is a device provideing striking of all players within it blast area.

Shock device is  a myostimulation bracelet that can be used by experienced players for more realistic game fealings. It hits the player with a weak current at the moment of getting wounded or in-game death of the player.

You can see the entire Laserwar’s product line of Laser Tag Gear and its description on this site.