Command Post

Command Post for Laser Tag


The Command Post is a device that encapsulates several others: Domination pointMedKit, an Anomaly, and each of these incorporated devices have additional features of their own.

For example, while capturing the Domination point  just takes a single shot at all times, the number of hits to capture or win back the Command Post can be set differently. In addition, the Command Post that is used as a Domination point can emit “radiation”, complicating the defense of the Post to the team that holds it.



When the usual MedKit can only renew any player's hitpoints and ammo, the Command Post if used as a MedKit can be configured to renew only the players belonging to a certainteam. It can also be destroyed by the opposing team after receiving a number of hits and can self-restore after destruction over time, it can be set to a limited number of renewals and has many other options and settings options.

In addition, the command post itself is a massive box where you can physically carry other devices.

Command post as a case

All these features make this device simply indispensable in full-scale scenario games, in tournaments and in cases your players get bored of playing out the same scenarios every time they play.

 command center laser tag device