Laser biathlon equipment training simulator sets

Laser biathlon is a sport that uses laser emitters and sensors instead of firearms and targets. It is a variation of classic sports. Athletes who compete in laser biathlon cross-country skiing skills with rifle shooting at targets. Laser biathlon is identical to the classic version in all other aspects. They ski a particular distance and then try to hit the targets, either while standing or lying down on the shooting range.

Laser biathlon rifles allow individuals to test out this thrilling sport without actual guns. Typically, competitors use special biathlon carbines that create a laser beam aimed at the target. A hit on the target, records points for accuracy.

Employing laser biathlon rifles for training has numerous advantages, making it attractive for various purposes, such as entertainment, training, and education.

Key advantages

Laser biathlon simulator safety

Laser biathlon shooting range for training

One of the biggest benefits of using a laser biathlon training simulator is that it doesn’t involve real firearms, making it much safer for everyone involved, especially novice, young, and new athletes. It’s also a top-notch form of fun for friends, families, and sports organizations.

Training accessibility

laser  biathlon shooting range simulator

Another great thing about this sport is that it’s more widely available since it does not require special firearms licenses or traditional targets. Laser biathlon carbines and targets can be easily obtained for training and competitions for people of all skill levels.



Using laser biathlon rifles gets rid of the necessity for ammo, reducing expenses to bullets, cleaning, and maintenance of rifles. You only need electrical power for recharging the laser rifles.

Achievement of Sporting Goals

The laser biathlon simulator is a safe and affordable training tool that can improve athletes’ physical fitness, coordination, and shooting skills. It involves skiing and shooting but without handling real firearms, promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

In summary, laser biathlon training is an excellent cost-effective alternative to traditional sports for entertainment, and skill development, and training. It can be arranged as contests, activities, or training sessions and used in various recreational events, fairs, fundraisers, and other occasions.

Laser biathlon equipment set

Laser biathlon equipment set typically includes

1. a Laser biathlon rifle (carbine) that is modeled after a real biathlon rifle.

Laserwar offers 3 equipment sets:

  • the “Junior” set based on the “MR512” wooden rifle

Laser biathlon rifle for training


  • the “Coach” set based on the ”Pioneer 345“ biathlon air gun

Laser biathlon carbine for training and simulation

  • the ”Master“ set based on a replica of the well-known “BI-5-7” rifle

Electronic biathlon gun (carbine) for target training

2. a Laser biathlon target with hit sensors features

All targets come in two versions

  • 155 mm (4.5 in) hit sensor diameter for stand shooting
  • 45 mm (1.8 in) adapter for prone shooting

Biathlon Electronic target system for kids

The biathlon target made of composite material is sized at 125 cm long, 30 cm wide, and 4 cm thick. It weighs 5.2 kg.

3. Additional Laser biathlon equipment like chargers, slings and so on.

The rifles all use a lithium battery, which you can easily charge with any 5V charging device equipped with a mini-USB connector.

Biathlon laser carbine sling