Laser tag gun (Laser Tagger)

Laser tag gun called Laser Tagger is a device that shoots with infrared rays (the same as you use in TV remote) and is usually connected with Laser Tag Headband and/or Laser Tag Vest with Bluetooth.

Taggers are usually made on the basis of specially designed models, airsoft models or on the basis of deactivated guns.

 Laser Tag Gun (Laser Tagger)


- Tagger body is usually made of plastic, metal, alloy and other shock load resistant materials depending on the type of tagger and its purpose.

- Speakers can produce the following sounds:

  • gun report,
  • reloading,
  • wounding,
  • player’s death,
  • whistled bullets,
  • respawn,
  • adding hit points,
  • last hit point.

All sounds can be changed via configuration software, and a player can also add custom sounds in WAV format.

- Tube with an infrared diode (infrared emitter) and shot highlighting diode. This tube can be made like an external silencer or can be integrated into the tagger body.

- LSD - display shows information about the number of rounds and hit points. The LSD display is an option and can be integrated only in several Tagger models (usually specially made Taggers).

- Scope sight or red-dot sight that helps the player to aim. Sights are options and can be set on the majority types of Laser Taggers.

- Tactical grip is an option and can also be set on taggers that have a corresponding holding unit.

- Blowback (recoil) simulator is an optional internal tagger device that softly imitates backward momentum of a real weapon after the shot.


Laserwar produces the following types of Laser Tag Guns: 

Own Laser Tag Guns
Sniper Laser Tag Guns
Assault Laser Tag Guns
Laser Tag Machine Guns
Laser Tag Sub-machine Guns
Laser Tag Pistols
Laser Tag Grenade Launchers
Laser Tag WW2 Guns


Taggers, depending on materials, can be made from plastic, polycarbonate, various metals and alloys.

Business or personal use

Depending on the strength of the tagger's body, there are two types of taggers: recommended for business use (for laser tag clubs), and recommended for individual players as personal game sets.


Depending on State law, a tagger may be applied with additional markings or coating or may be restricted for open carry or concealed carry. Taggers may be restricted for using inside or outside some zones or some States may have other restrictions.

If you have experience and knowledge of electronics, you can create your own tagger, using electronic kits from the LaserWar Company.