Alphatag Generation equipment from Laserwar

The generation of Alphatag laser tag equipment is what we have been striving for the last 12 years of development. It is truly unique. The main principle of this generation is that the main technical device of the player is now a headband, and not a gun. And this means that each player can now have not just one laser tag gun, but as many as seven different devices, it can be either several guns or additional devices in any combination: a vest, a shock bracelet, a personal medic, several types of weapons and many other devices, which we will develop and add to the Alphatag environment. Thus Alphatag is a truly unique modular platform and standard that allows operator to keep on adding various devices to the player.

Let's take a look at what functions are available to the Alphatag 

Bluetooth 5.0 module

Alphatag is a generation. which, first of all, unlimitedly expands the possibilities of the player by connecting an unlimited amount of new equipment to the headband, some of which have already been released, and some will be added to the Alphatag platform along the implementation of the development roadmap. This is exactly what the modern bluetooth 5.0 module in the player's headband is accountable for. It allows the player to use up to 7 devices at the same time: a vest, several types of various weapons (for example, a sniper rifle and a handgun), a shock bracelet for expanded realism, a personal medic to heal yourself or others up during the game, etc. Further down the road, it will be a personal grenade, a personal knife, artifacts that will be attached to a specific player after they are captured, etc.

alphatag bluetooth 5.0
Smart NFC for Alphatag Generation

Smart NFC

The technology developed by us and is originally based on the NFC standard allows the player or business owner to connect the headband to a weapon or any other compatible device in less than one second. To do this, just bring the device close to the headband. This eliminates the possibility of mixing up game sets during their pairing with headbands, if the operator has a lot of them in one room.

Headband Wi-Fi module

The Wi-Fi module, which transmits all the player's scores to the head PC, is now located in the player's headband or vest, which means that all scores are transmitted directly, and not through laser tag guns as in previous generations, which eliminates possible lags and makes hits, misses, kills statics truly real-time. What's more, unarmed players are now also counted in the stats, so you can create your own Non Playing Characters like Medics, Engineers, Demolition specialist, Hostages, VIPs, etc., which means you can create your own game scenarios and your imagination is the only limit.

X-gen wi fi module in alphatag
pro signal speaker for alphatag

Pro Signal Sound Speaker

More than 120 high-quality sound effects are already included in all laser tag kits, providing a clear and loud sound. With the help of built-in powerful sound speakers in laser tag weapons, the player is notified about all game events when they are wounded, stunned, killed, blown up, when they are left with the last magazine, when they are being healed or respawned, and so on. Each weapon class has its own unique sounds.

Parallax and Prism optical systems

Alphatag is compatible with both two new types of parallax optics (for assault rifles and sniper rifles). Parallax optics have a thinner beam, but its «fire» range is sometimes 2 times further than the range of older types of optics. In addition, due to the specifics of the beam, it hits much better in bright sun conditions and ricochets are minimized.

We also retained compatibility with the classic prism optics, which we often recommend for renting out, as it will be easier for beginners to hit the enemy with it.

parallax optics for Alphtag lasertag
Batteries for Alphatag


All Alphatag equipment sets are equipped with new, more capacious 3000 mAh batteries, which allow to play for up to 36 hours without further charging, which is very convenient both for arena systems that work practically without a break on weekends, and for large tactical laser tag games that sometimes last more than 24 hours nonstop.

Headband shape

Since Alphatag headbands are worlds apart from the previous generations of headsets in terms of functionality, we have recreated their design from the scratch, taking into account the specifics of previous generations. The Alphatag headband is lighter, its hit sensors and electronics compartments are less protruding , and the shape of the headband has special rises above the players ears, which, on the one hand, will not allow the player to put on the headband incorrectly (on the wrong side), and on the other hand, makes it more comfortable to wear additional devices such as active headset or a walkie-talkie earpieces. The system for fixing the headband, depending on the size of the player's head, has also become more convenient.

Batteries for Alphatag
Batteries for Alphatag


In the new Alphatag headband, we have achieved a significant reduction in the hit sensor cases size while fully keeping their functionality, and the use of polycarbonate made it possible to fully retain the external loads-carrying capacity of the cases while changing the shape to a hexagonal one. After having carried out numerous crash tests, we can proudly say that this headband is really not easy to break.

Control blocks

Cases for electronics are spread on the headband in such a way that, firstly, they do not interfere with the player, secondly, they do not interfere with the correct location of the hit sensors, and thirdly, they ensure balance and weight distribution. Unlike previous generations, the Alphatag headband now has its own OLED display, which provides the player and the equipment owner with various useful game and maintenance information: connected game sets and additional devices, player hit points, firmware version, battery level and so on.

Control block for laser tag

leds of alphatag headbandvibromotors2 headband

LEDs and vibration motors

Each Alphatag hit sensor case has its own individual vibration motor, which vibrates only when the sensor located in a given case detects the enemy shot. This means that the headband allows the player to determine which side they are being fired at from. In addition, each sensor case has a bright LED display that notifies other players that this exact player has been hit. Colors, brightness, flicker duration and background glow are customizable by the game operator, allowing, for example, creating individual settings for day and night games.

Infrared photosensors

All for hit sensors cases of Alphatag headbands are equipped with wide-angle photosensors. Such sensitive 140-degree sensors will detect a hit from a large distance even when exposed to bright sunlight.  

photo sensors alphatag headband

Batteries for Alphatag

Two Protocols supported

Alphatag generation equipment supports two different protocols. Firstly, it is the international open Milestag2 protocol, which has fully described commands list and provides game compatibility with equipment from other manufacturers that support the same protocol, as well as the ability for any manufacturer or technician enthusiast to create their own compatible gaming equipment for their own purposes. Working on this protocol allows up to 128 players to play in each of the 4 teams.
Secondly, the new Alphalink protocol, which allows operator to play with 10,000 game sets at once and allows us to add new features that Milestag2 was not originally designed for.