Electronic shooting range and target system

Electronic shooting range training simulator

An electronic shooting range simulator, also known as an "electronic shooting gallery target system", is a modern and advanced setup used as a self-contained attraction, shooting training simulator, self-defense practice, and for competitive shooting sports. It is different from traditional shooting ranges, which usually require manual scoring and target retrieval.

Here are some important features of LASERWAR electronic shooting range system:


The LASERWAR electronic shooting range system prioritizes safety. Its design eliminates the need for bullet traps and impact-absorbing materials, ensuring that bullets are captured safely, without endangering any range users. No complex safety measures, shooter guidelines, age restrictions, or business licenses are required.  This electronic shooting gallery simulator is risk-free for all users, especially those who are new to shooting, adolescents, and children. This feature is perfect for family entertainment centers, urban mall attractions, various shows, and events.

Electronic Targets.

The shooting range simulator employs specialized electronic target systems featuring infrared sensors that can accurately detect shot placement, electronically record scores, and instantaneously transmit them to operator’s PC. The system not only calculates scores automatically, but it also has various scoring choices based on how it is difficult to hit a specific target and the different game modes and scenarios.

Competitive Shooting.

Electronic shooting ranges are frequently utilized in shooting sports competitions, including precision rifle and pistol shooting. They offer a just and precise method for calculating scores and rankings during competitions.

LASERWAR produces two types of shooting ranges.

Simple offline shooting range set includes 4 electronic targets and a laser tag gun (unusually a handgun with precision parallax optics). The electronic target system has several adjustable options

  • target active random time interval during which it should be hit.
  • brightness, sounds and type of displayed information.

Electronic shooting range and target system

All packages can be configured using any Laserwar remote control and can operate in a unique arcade mode.

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Online laser tag shooting gallery system that includes

  • From 2 to 250 electronic targets with radio transmitters
  • USB radio receiver for PC/laptop
  • Laser tag gun with precision parallax optics (usually a hornet pistol)
  • Desktop application for Windows PC/laptop, which enables the operator to manage the target system, initiate and end games, and calculate shooting scores

Electronic shooting gallery and target system

This shooting range system can operate in 7 different scenarios, each with specific options, number of shooters and scoring types:

  • Arcade shooting gallery
  • Training mode
  • Confrontation
  • Outpost
  • Moving target
  • Level Up
  • Color mixer

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