Smart Remote Pro

A smart remote control pro is another device that is simply necessary for every laser tag business operator with any equipment generation.

Its main function is to change game sets settings if there is no access to PC or there is no way to establish a Wi-Fi network. In addition, the remote control will be useful to the game master / referee / instructor if the player experiences any sort of difficulty.

Smart remote pro and nano for laser tag games

Smart remote pro allows manager quickly to adjust the following:

  • change the color (reassign the player to another team),
  • upgrade, heal the player or give them more ammo
  • block the player
  • change almost any of player’s gun settings (more than 30 parameters)
  • increase the maximum number of player's hit points

In addition, the smart remote control pro allows the operator to configure additional laser tag devices using certain commands, and in the USB base mode, it can set up devices belonging to the older generations.

It's a small device that fits in a pocket and lasts for weeks or even months on one charge, and its firmware can be quickly updated when connected to a computer.

You can read more about this device here.