Laser tag equipment payment & delivery


The main production capacities of our Laser Tag Equipment is located in Smolensk city, Russia. You are always welcome to visit our facilities before purchasing. Please notify us before the visit, so that we can find an interpreter.

Further, as an example, an estimated delivery cost for the set of 10 Taggers AK-12LT Predator, 10 Laser Tag Handbands and one Domination point from Russia to Los Angeles. CA, USA. It will be about 45 ounces and about 3x2x3 feet size.

Sending from Russia to the United States is always done by UPS service.

Estimated time for production of such set will be 5-10 business days.
Estimated time for shipment will be 10 business days including Russian and your local Customs.
Estimated costs of delivery of the above-mentioned set will be about $550.


After confirming the equipment list, we will create an Invoice and Contract for your bank and provide you with USD or EUR payment details.
Invoice and Contract with your payment documents can be requested by your local Customs.

We do not accept credit and debit cards as far as electronic payment systems like Paypal.
Only bank wire transfer to our company bank account is available.


We guarantee 100% MoneyBack. The buyer can send back equipment within 2 weeks after receipt of it. After receiving, we will refund your money. Feedback shipping, in this case, is paid by the buyer. The shipping costs of the buyer will not be refunded.


We also know that in the USA, some Laser Tag guns can be subject to Part 272 of Title 15 of the Code of Federal Regulations as imitation firearms. So, for the USA customers, we provide an orange tip of 6mm (0.24in.) or longer on the barrel of the tagger for passing the customs. It's free. Usually, we paint the end of the gun barrel with orange paint. We also know about Federal Standard (Fed-Std-595B 12199) for such orange color. If you have other desires, please notify us before ordering.
Some States can have more restrictions for such laser tag guns.

If you order our Equipment from another country, you’ll need to know your Country legislation.

We also don't now if it will be free of import duties or not. You can find USA duties here

We have had no problems with shipping to the Europe and USA before.