Tournaments and scenario games

School laser tag tournament (outdoors with inflatables)
Laser tag Hunger Games battle in 2019.
Laser tag tournament and annual largest laser tag scenario game 2019
Laser tag tournament 2018 (sport version)
Laser tag tournament 3v3 format
2nd tactical laser tag tournament 'Last Heroes'
Laser tag tournament (Assault scenario)
Annual laser tag maneuvers 2018 (international laser tag tournament)
Annual Military Large laser tag battle 2017
Sport laser tag championship 2017
The biggest militrary laser tag battle in 2016 (Alabino)
The biggest laser tag battle in 2015 (Mokshino)
Annual laser tag battle in Alabino 2014
Laser Tag OPEN Cup autumn
Tactical laser tag tournament teaser

Guns and hit sensors

Smart RGB headband for laser tag
AK 12LT «PREDATOR» laser tag gun
AK15 Warrior Laser tag gun for tactical games
"Hornet" - Laser tag pistol (handgun)
Laser tag game set 'MP9 LT Phoenix'
Phoenix Laser tag gun
Colt M4 A3 "Centurion" laser tag assault rifle for military games
M4 laser tag assault rifle for tactical games (short review)
MP 512 for laser tag
MP 512 for laser tag Short review
MP 514 laser tag gun
МР 514 for laser tag gun (Short review)
Lasertag SVD Titan - Dragunov sniper rifle
SVD laser tag sniper rifle for tactical games (video review)
AKM 'PROROK' assault rifle for laser tag games (Short review)
105 for laser tagShort review
AK 74 laser tag gun(Short review)
Laser tag guns: AK 74and AK 105