Laser Tag Domination point

What is Domination Point?

Laser Tag Domination point (also called Laser Tag Domination tube) is the main device used in the most exciting laser tag scenarios.

Laser Tag Domination point uses sound and light signals for indicating its capture. The latest versions of Domination point can display 4 colors (red, blue, yellow, green) and has the ability to display its capture by 4 teams accordingly to the MILES2 protocol.

How to use Domination point

The main function of Domination point is a calculation of point capture time. There are a lot of laser tag scenarios that use this device. The main ones are “Domination” and “Assault”. In the Domination scenario 2 or more teams are fighting for this point. The winner is the team that first holds the point for some preset period of time, for example, 6 minutes.

The Domination Point records shots from Laser tag gun only from a very short distance of about 2-3 feet, so to take it, the player has to shoot it from an above-mentioned distance.

When any player shoots the point, the point beeps and lights up with the color of this player team, for example, red, and starts counting the hold time of the red team.



As soon as the player of the opposing team shoots to the Domination tube, it sounds again and repaints into the color of the opposing team, for example blue, and starts counting the hold time of the blue team.

The point can be taken (repainted) many times during the game, and each time it adds holding time to the team that captured it last (repaints it to team's color).

As soon as the holding time of one of the teams reaches a preset level, the point beeps and begin to blink with the color of the winning team. So, the team wins if it reaches the sum of a preset amount of hold time (for example 6 minutes) first.

This Scenario is played with the respawn device.

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How to set point parameters


Game masters can change the Laser Tag Domination point operating time via the button on its body. The Domination point capture time can be set in the range from 2 to 30 minutes. To set a new capture time, the game master should hold the admin button while pushing the power button. You will hear a beep and only then you can set the time by pushing the Admin button. Each push is accompanied by a change in the capture time of the Domination point device (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 20, 30 minutes).

The RGB color tape on the top of the tube will vary depending on the mode selected. The colors of the tape correspond to the following values:
Red - 2 min
Yellow - 4 min
Green - 6 min
Blue - 8 min
Blue - 10 min
Purple - 20 min
White - 30 min

The default round lasts 4 minutes and has a yellow color.

To save your selection, the game master should press and hold the admin button for a few seconds, the point will remember the selected parameter.

The Domination point is one of the most popular devices for the game. Laser Tag Scenarios that use this device will be the most popular in your club, and will provide a lot of positive reactions to your players.