Laser Tag Domination point

What is Domination Point?

Laser Tag Domination point is the main device used in the most exciting laser tag scenarios.

There are many devices that can be used as a Domination point, such as Smart control point, control point, command post and others, but the dominant device is called Digital Flag.

Digital Flag lasertag equipment

The digital flag is the most popular device in the arsenal of any laser tag business operator. This versatile device can:

  • serve as a domination point for which two opposing teams are fighting (you can use several such devices located in the game site)
  • serve as the HQ that heals players, revives them or replenishes ammunition.
  • can give users virtual digital flags that need to be conveyed to their base and much more.

Digital flag laser tag game

The digital flag can be used both offline in the 9th generation of electronics, and can be integrated into the online system using a Wi-Fi connection in X-gen or Alphatag.

You can read about every available digital flag scenario here.