Home Laser Tag Kids Equipment sets

Our laser tag playsets can be used not only for commercial purposes, but they can also be played at home, with your family and relatives, in the backyard, on a picnic in nature. For such purposes, we offer home laser tag sets that can be used by both children and adults in one family.

These laser tag home equipment sets usually include 4 taggers, 4 headbands, and a smart nano remote.

Laser tag home family set / package

We recommend using Gen 9 for home laser tag games with your kids and family because it's easier to set up, easier to use, and the battery lasts longer.

For taggers, we recommend Phoenix laser tag guns for kids and AR15 taggers for adults. However, all our family packages presented in the laser tag equipment store are just examples, and you can replace taggers at your discretion. If you need a less realistic laser tag gear for kids, then you can replace all the taggers in the package with Pulsars, which are equally convenient for both children and adults.

 Realistic and sci-fi guns for home kids laser tag games