Recommendations for Laser Tag Owners and Operators

We have a long experience in dealing with more than 600 clubs that work with our laser tag equipment. Here, we have compiled a number of recommendations that will help you to avoid teething problems when getting into a laser tag business and get more profit and grow faster. As a Laser Tag equipment manufacturer, we are to the marrow of our bones interested in your business growth and prospering because in this case you will be constantly ordering more Taggers and new devices :)

1. How to choose the future club specialty and type of laser tag equipment. 

2. How to pick locations for your laser tag games 

3. Where to get customers in laser tag business from  

4. How to earn laser tag customer loyalty 

5.  Must-haves in your laser tag business 

6. How to run laser tag tournaments and earn customer loyalty 

All these recommendations are the subjective opinions of the team. We accept no liability for their performance or nonperformance. Additionally, these recommendations are collected on the basis of experience in organizing clubs/operators in different countries, and that's why some of them may not be suitable for running a similar club/operator in a certain State because of local traditions, laws or other factors. So, feel free to take what you need and leave the rest.