Power impulse feedback for laser tag guns

Power impulse feedback technology is suitable only for taggers from unique section, shells for which are produced by the LASERWAR company. You can install it in any laser tag guns except Hornet and Phoenix.

That is, at the moment Power impulse laser tag feedback is available for

Power impulse feedback feels about 2 times stronger than Classic Feedback, so it will be suitable for business operators and players who want their battle to be more realistic . We especially recommend adding the Power impulse feedback to the larger Ghost and Berserk kits, in which the standard feedback feels less due to the weight of the tagger. 

Unfortunately, power impulse feedback requires a second battery to be installed into the tagger, because the feedback consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, the tagger with the Power impulse feedback installed will have two charging sockets.

Please note that installing Power impulse feedback will increase the order lead time by 10 days, but it's worth it.