Optical and Collimator Sights for LaserTag from LaserWar

We are pleased to announce a new line of optical sights, which are produced under the LaserWar trademark. Our products have several advantages compared with "NoName" optics.

1X40 RD Collimator (reflector) sights are equipped with a universal fastener that sits perfectly on “Weaver rail” and "dovetail". As the aiming mark, this sight uses a special LaserWar crosshair. It is available in two colors: green and red. Standard points that can be seen in other manufacturers' samples are hard to see in twilight and amid flora. Our company optics have a switcher, which will adjust the brightness of the cross-hairs: each color switcher has 5 modes, so the player can customize optimal settings depending on location conditions. The package includes a sight with fasteners, hexagon, wiper, protective caps and instructions.

Optical sight 3-9X40, in addition to crosshair lighting, the switcher has multiple switchers and a focus adjuster. The first allows you to adjust the magnification, the second - adjust the equipment for a certain vision type (far-sightedness or near-sightedness), so players that have vision deficiency can cover without eyeglasses. The reticle in our sight is used “Rangefinder”, which is known as "crossbow target reticle”. The scale is convenient for distances computing with secondary cross-hairs allows you to accurately calculate the distance to the target and make adjustments. The package includes sight without fasteners, wiper, protective caps, instructions.

LaserWar company's engineers test sights in very harsh environments. That's why both optic items are marked with LaserWar inscription, which has long been synonymous with quality. And what about the price? It's very low. See our store for details.