Inflatable figure Briket big

inflatable obstacle paintball big briket
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Using inflatable figures in laser tag and paintball games provides a range of benefits, including easy set up, versatility, safety for players, affordability, and customization. These advantages make inflatable figures a popular choice for laser tag and paintball businesses looking to create engaging and memorable game experiences for their customers.

This Big Briket Inflatable figure is generally more affordable than traditional obstacles or barriers, making it a cost-effective option for laser tag and paintball businesses. It can also be rented out for events or parties, providing an additional revenue stream for the business.

It also can be customized with different colors, shapes, and designs, allowing businesses to create a unique look for their games. They can also be customized with logos or branding, helping to promote the business and increase brand awareness.

Big Briket inflatable obstacle parameters:

Height - 1.9 m. (6.23 ft)
Width - 1 m. (3.28 ft)
Depth - 0.7 m. (2.3 ft)




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