Inflatable figure Half moon

inflatable figure half-moon
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Overall, using such inflatable figures as "Half moon" in laser tag and paintball games can enhance the gameplay experience by adding challenge, excitement, and realism, while also improving safety and ease of setup.

Inflatable figures come in a variety of shapes and sizes (Temples, X-factors, Cakes, Barrels, Gravestones and so on), making them versatile for use in different types of games. They can be used as targets, barriers, or obstacles, depending on the needs of the game. These figures can be customized with different colors, patterns, and designs, allowing businesses to create a unique and memorable playing experience for their customers. This can help attract repeat business and build a loyal customer base.

Half-moon figure parameters:

  • Depth - 0.55 m. (1.8 feet)
  • Height - 0.7 m. (2.3 feet)
  • Width - 0.95 m. (3.12 feet)



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