Inflatable figure Wing big

big wing paintball inflatable obstacle
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Using inflatable figures for spot laser tag tournaments is a cost-effective option. These obstacles are typically less expensive than traditional obstacles and are made from durable materials that can withstand wear and tear. This makes them a long-lasting investment for operators.

Overall, incorporating inflatable figures into spot laser tag tournaments can enhance the experience for players and create a more engaging and challenging playing field. With their versatility, ease of setup and removal, and affordability, inflatable figures are a great option for operators looking to create a unique and dynamic environment for their tournaments.

The Wing Big inflatable obstacle has the following parameters 

  • Depth - 1,4 m. (4,59 ft)
  • Height - 2,5 m. (8,2 ft)
  • Width - 2,5 m. (8,2 ft)

and goes with carrying bags and anchor cables



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