LaserTag is safer than other similar sports

No pain in laser tag

Paintball and airsoft are dangerous types of sports, since in any case, no matter how you protect yourself, you have to deal with balls having large kinetic energy. Even though, players tend to wear masks and thick clothes (which causes difficulty for playing in hot seasons) in airsoft and in paintball, there are places where getting hit can cause very severe pain, especially if it is neck and hands, as well as places where clothes are usually very close to the body - the buttocks, knees, elbows, etc.

Airsoft and paintball usually limit the minimum distance at which you can shoot and where you can bring considerable pain or significant damage to an opponent, but not all keep up these distances. Because of this, women and children play these sports very rarely, and in some countries, playing children in these sports is generally prohibited by law.

Laser tag gives no pain and no damage since there is no striking element - ball. Ball contact is replaced by vibration and a flashing sensor on the headband or on the vest. Therefore, the minimum distance also is not limited. You can shoot with half a meter with no damage to an opponent.