Recoil simulation or Feedback option

The recoil imitation option or feedback option can be installed in almost all models of laser tag weapons, except pistols.

Recoil imitation is made using a vibration motor, which in most cases is installed in the buttstock and is used to simulate recoil vibration and tactile feedback.

feedback and recoil in laser tag from LASERWAR

Recoil imitation means that tagger vibrates while shooting, or while getting hit into the tagger or the player.
It is necessary to understand that the heavier is the tagger, the less vibration of the motor will be felt by the player due to the high inertia of the gun itself, therefore this option will be most suitable for light taggers.
The vibration motor is powered by the same battery as the main board, which saves space in the weapon.
You can enable or disable this feedback in the configurator settings.

Why do we use vibromotors, instead of CO2 or solenoids?
We are developing and producing laser tag equipment for the last 10 years and of course, we tried a lot of feedback technologies. After several years we came to the conclusion that the main thing of professional business rental equipment for laser tag is its reliability. CO2 recoil looks awesome on video and makes a WOW effect.

But CO2 has a lot of disadvantages:
- it has a huge number of moving parts under load. If something can be broken in rental, it will surely be broken.
- CO2 refueling can finish at any time during the game, and a game owner needs a person responsible for refueling and loses a lot of time between games.
- the game owner should buy CO2 for such gas station, and he needs constantly monitor these CO2 stocks.

Solenoids also have huge drawbacks:
- their vibration can severely destroy the case of the tagger, especially the part where they are installed;
- they are very energy-consuming, and the battery of the tagger will be very quickly discharged, so there will be no ability to run any long games or one game after another.