OLED display

OLED display

OLED option means OLED-display that is installed in the gun.
OLED display can be installed into laser taggers of 8th, 9th and 10th generation.

OLED-display guarantees a comfortable operation at any time of the day. Its main advantages are:
- no glare in the sun;
- high level of contrast and definition;
- wide viewing angle

OLED display pistol


At the same time, it consumes minimum battery energy of the tagger and it almost does not reduce the work time on a single charge.
OLED-display works fine at temperatures up to -40 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees Fahrenheit). The screen is submerged into the case, so it will not be damaged while falling to the ground.

OLED display shows:
- number of cartridges;
- the number of lives;
- the number of clips and shooting modes;
- IR power;
- Team color;
- Service messages;
- battery energy scale.

OLED display looks good in models that were specially designed for this option: Predator, Phoenix, Krechet, Hornet, Warrior, Ranger, Ghost, Berserk, and other Unique series laser tag guns. But we can install it into most guns that we produce (usually into the magazine).