Alphatag 2 update features from Laserwar

What’s new in Alphatag 2?

  • Settings now have a "Sounds" section for taggers. Here you can restore the effects and voices of your laser tag gun if something happens to them. This feature will be particularly useful after updating to new firmware, as all tagger sounds will be deleted as a result of the update. After restarting, they will match the selected weapon type.

    Anticipating your questions, we inform you that at the moment it is not possible to record your own sounds into the gaming sets.

  • In the hit sensor settings, a new "Sound Type" parameter has appeared. There are four options to choose from: "Voice", "Effects", "All", and "Off". For example, you can disable voice commands, and the tagger will only play effects. Or vice versa - activate only voice. If you want to leave it as default (both voice and effects) then press "All".

    The "Off" parameter disables any sound, except for shooting and reloading.

  • We worked on the volume settings of sounds and the brightness of the background glow, opting for logarithmic scales instead of percentages.

  • We've sorted out the infrared power settings. In the tagger, precise percentages are set separately for outdoors and indoor environments. the location is selected in the hit sensor. Thus, if a player uses two weapons (for example, a sniper rifle and a pistol), each of them will have its own optimal infrared power settings. 
  • We decided that adjusting armor only for vests is unfair. Therefore, our developers have added such a parameter for helmets and headbands.

  • In the new version of the software, you can select separate colors for indicating a wounded and dead player to better orient yourself during battles.

  • Now, on the hit sensor display has a new icon - a PC. This means that the set is connected to the "Alphatag" software and is ready for configuration and network play.
    Please note that during the connection of taggers, the second sensor, additional devices on the headband display (helmet, vest), the corresponding icons do not blink on the display, as was the case in the previous version of "Alphatag". They appear on the display only after pairing.

  • In the updated sets, the battery charge level is no longer displayed in percentages. In addition, our developers have completely changed the protocol. This has significantly reduced the battery discharge on inactive hit sensors and overall increased the equipment's autonomous operation for several hours.

  • The new protocol has allowed us to improve the firmware process and save time for configuration. If before the sets were firmware updated one by one, now the recording is done for three sets simultaneously.

  • We know that players have already appreciated the shock bracelet - a powerful novelty from LASERWAR. Now imagine that the sensations from laser tag are doubled. In the updated "Alphatag", you can simultaneously connect two bracelets - one for each arm - and enjoy maximum realism in tactical military games.

In addition to updating performance parameters, we have expanded the list of characteristics in scenarios and roles for more refined game customization.

  • Users now have the option to select any role as the "default role" in each scenario. When added to the team, it will be automatically assigned to the player.

  • To make network battles more exciting, we have implemented a bonus system. Some will make the game more challenging, while others will make it easier - taking the battle to a new level. There are five bonuses in total - health, ammo, damage, reload, and armor.
    Bonuses are applied by the administrator directly during the battle, without the need to pause the game for a second.
    However, it's important to understand some nuances. If a player has full health points (HP), armor, and ammo, the corresponding bonuses will be applied instantly. If a participant is wounded, the health bonus will be applied after their revival (respawn). If a player has had any armor units removed, the corresponding addition will also be applied only after respawn. If a participant has spent at least one bullet, the ammo bonus will be applied only after using the command to replenish the arsenal. In this case, it's essential to enable the "Ammo replenishment on respawn" parameter in the settings, otherwise the ammo bonus will not work. Other bonuses - damage, reload - are applied instantly regardless of circumstances.

New game ending conditions have been introduced.

  • "By player frags" - as soon as any player achieves the specified number of virtual kills set in the scenario settings, the round will stop.

  • "By team frags" - as soon as the fighters of one of the participating teams collectively achieve the specified number of virtual kills, the round will stop.

  • "By the condition of the role "Target"" - the target can be a player (hostage, commander, general) or a group. The round will stop when all fighters with the set role of "Target" in one of the teams are eliminated.

As practice has shown, the more entries stored in the statistics, the higher the likelihood of application freezes, up to crashes.

  • To prevent this from disappointing the players, the developers have supplemented the software with two functions - clearing the statistics completely and deleting a specific session.

  • For maximum user convenience, we have made changes to the interface. For example, scaling has been added to the broadcast window. This is in case when all players do not fit on one screen, and the game needs to be fully controlled.

  • In the lobby, there are now new hotkeys. To quickly start or stop the battle, press the space bar; to initiate player editing - left mouse button; to finish editing - press Enter.

  • One of the issues players encounter is the "Start" command reaching some sets later than others. This can happen due to network glitches. But now you can track which device actually started and which did not. For this purpose, the lobby has introduced the "Play" icon. It indicates that the set has indeed entered the game or is engaged in local play, thus cannot be launched into network play.

  • To promptly identify and rectify technical errors during battles, our developers have supplemented the software with another function. Imagine the battle has started, but some device encounters an error, for example, it fails to execute the command sent to it. This will undoubtedly spoil the experience. A notification of the malfunction will appear in the "Device Messages", and the icon on the avatar of the corresponding player will turn red. You can open the window with the error description, save it, and send it to us through the "Feedback" form for correction or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. After review, the icon will turn gray.