Adrenaline Shock bracelet

Laser tag shock bracelet
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Now airsoft fans will not dare say that in laser tag, there is no pain factor and fear that other players could actually hurt you. Now the game has become as realistic as it can get and your players will be instinctively afraid of just recklessly rushing towards the enemy.

Here laser tag shock bracelet  works.

The shock bracelet keeps track of the player's health points and, and after any decrease, sends an electrical impulse. This means that any kind of virtual hit, such as hit from other taggers, detonation impact from nearby grenades, mines and bombs, as well as ‘cuts’ from a knife or even from devices that emit ‘harmful’ radiation pulses, in other words, from ANYTHING that causes the player's hitponts to fall, are instantly transmitted to the bracelet via Bluetooth.
In this shock bracelet, we used the myostimulation (muscle toning) technique, i.e. exposure of the body to weak discharges of electric current.
A multi-function button allows the user to select three shock modes: light, medium and the most powerful, and a easy-to-stretch strap allows the player to firmly attach it to their wrist or even ankle. If desired, the player can replace the strap base with their own one and wrap the shock bracelet around their waist for instance.
Right now, the laser tag shock bracelet only works with Alphatag sets, but in the future, we plan to make a version for double-sets bands for the 9th generation and X-gen.

Please note that the device is not recommended for use by players experiencing some health problems. So, please consider consulting your doctor before use.

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