Electronic Biathlon 2.0 "Master" set

Electronic biathlon shooting ranges and target system
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This electronic biathlon training system is based on the original replica of the well-known BI-5-7 sports rifle made by the IZMASH factory, a unit of the Kalashnikov Concern. This rifle was specially designed by LASERWAR for laser biathlon and replicates part of the functionality of the IZMASH rifle, which is necessary for the use of the electronic version of the rifle.

Electronic biathlon rifle shooting range

During the design and integration process, we were able to preserve its tactical and technical characteristics. This electronic biathlon rifle is an exact replica of the airgun prototype, providing a real weight and shooting experience.

 Electronic biathlon gun shooting range

The BI-7-5 rifle is well-known for its professional trigger and reliable reloading system. After undergoing multiple tests, our rifle has shown that it can withstand tens of thousands of shots and reloads, making it an essential tool for electronic biathlon training.

Electronic biathlon rifle shooting range prone position

This Biathlon shooting range and target system includes the following items:

  • original replica of the Bi-7-5 electronic biathlon sport rifle with dimensions of 100 cm in length, 5 cm in width, and 27 cm in height. The rifle weighs 3.3 kg and features an extremely reliable reload mechanism.
  • Composite biathlon target measuring 125 cm in length, 30 cm in width, and 4 cm in thickness. The target weighs 5.2 kg and has a panel that allows the diameter of the target to be adjusted for both the "prone" and "standing" stances. Equipped with a new sensor circuit, the target can register shots even at the edges.

Electronic biathlon target system sizes min

  • Charger

Customers can also order a sunshield to provide additional protection for the biathlon target sensors.

Additional rifles for $1744
Additional targets for $200


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