Laser Tag Grenade «Trinity»

Laser Tag GrenadeLaser Tag Grenade
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0.5 oz (0.14 kg)
 4.5 in. (11 cm)
350 mAh 3.7v. (Li+ or FireFly charger) 

Laser tag grenade is exactly the device on which we can say that «one size fits all».


 Grenades in most cases are individual devices that only seasoned players use, but if the operator is engaged in tactical games, then it is recommended for them to have at least a couple of such devices in their arsenal, because players very often ask about them and their availability.

The laser tag grenade is made of a special military-grade quality plastic with a certain level of both hardness and toughness, and its case is naturally designed to be thrown. It is quite resistant to external damage, however, we do not recommend throwing it against the wall, primarily for the safety of other players.


Laser Tag Grenades



To activate the grenade, you need to pull out the safety pin pull ring

There are 3 ways to activate it:

  • by pressing once on the upper part of the lever.
  • if you press the lever and hold it (but not longer than 1 minute), then the grenade will become cooking one and will start counting time until eventually going off only after you have released the lever
  • if you pull the lever towards yourself and release it

Grenade for Laser Tag

The grenade is equipped with six wide-angle infrared emitters, two of which are located in the upper part. 6 bright LEDs account for visual effects. They indicate the time until the grenade goes off, and the less time is left until the explosion, the faster they flicker.

After the explosion, the next time the grenade can be activated only after a preset time.

Laser tag grenade automatically activates a special search mode 15 minutes after it is thrown. It starts beeping, which will allow the player to find it faster in the playground. To exit the search mode, simply press the lever.

The grenade is most effective indoors due to the infrared signal reflection and ricocheting off the walls of the room. In open areas, the ‘lethal’ radius is about 20 ft. (6 meters).

Before giving out grenades to players at rent games, we recommend explain it to them that only ‘alive’ player can use a grenade.

Replacing the batteries is quite simple; the operator just needs to unscrew one hex screw to open the battery compartment and replace them.

The grenade can emit 3 different commands according to the international MilesTag2 IR protocol

  • kill players within its ‘blast’ radius with the «Admin kill» command
  • explode the player (in this case, the tagger of the blown up player will make a special, designed only for death-of-grenade situations sound)
  • stun the player (player(s) caught in the blast radius won’t be able shoot for the next 10 seconds)


Laser tag grenade setup

Grenade settings can be changed right in the playground without any additional devices. To enter into the admin mode, the user must press and hold the grenade lever for 1 minute. The grenade will give a multiple quick squeaky sound signal.


Laser tag grenade setting tips


After entering into the admin mode, the grenade enters into explosion delay time setting mode by default. By clicking on the lever, operator can select the desired duration. The current time option is displayed by flickering diodes on the grenade case.


Laser tag grenade time settings

To save the setting and move on to the next, operator needs to hold the lever for 3 seconds.

After successively pressing the lever, operator can configure the command the grenade emits (kill, explode or stun).


Laser tag grenade settings command

The current value of this parameter is not displayed on the case, but rather is indicated by sound signals.

After selecting a command, operator must hold the lever for 3 seconds, and this will save the settings.

It is very important to instruct users on how to properly throw a laser tag grenade so that it is safe for others. We recommend that players throw the grenade as parallel to the ground as possible to avoid violent collisions, or roll it. It does not require much effort.

The weight of the grenade is 0.3 lb. (140 grams), its height is 4.3 in (11 centimeters) with a diameter of 2 in (5 centimeters).

See additional description of the Laser Tag Grenade.






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