Laser tag RGB Target

Laser tag target
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28 oz (0.8 kg)
7.3x4.5x2.5 in. (18.5x11.5x6.5 cm)
36 Hours 
Li+ (2.2 Ah; 7,4V)
Li+ (8,4V; 1000 mA) (additional option)

An electronic laser tag target is a must-have device for almost any operator, since it allows, firstly, to adjust  taggers, zero in their scope and red-dot sights, test-drive some of gun settings, and last but not the least, it will not let children get bored before the start of the following round.



The target comes in a black case, which is sufficiently resistant to light mechanical damage.

At the top of the target, there is the aim-and-shoot-at area, which is located in the middle of a halo consisting of 20 LEDs, divided into four parts. The diodes are bright enough to shed a light on that the hit has been successful for a shooter keeping 500 ft (150m) or more away.

When target is hit, all diodes flash with the color of the player’s team, the target produces a sound signal while the OLED display located at the bottom of the target shows the following:

  • damage points parameter of the laser tag gun
  • player id

In addition, after turning on, the display shows the current value of the battery charge.

The device is not waterproof; however, like all our devices, it will withstand high humidity conditions, which is facilitated, for example, by the rubber plug of the power socket.

Lasert Tag Shooting Gallery mode for target device

There is no need to connect target to a PC to change its parameters; it is enough to use one of the remote controls available in our product line (smart remote control pro, remote control pro, universal remote control, smart nano remote).

The target has the following operation modes:

  • Player hit count
  • Displaying the damage of the player who has hit the target
  • Display player id
  • Display all abovementioned data on a loop
  • Arcade shooting gallery mode

Arcade laser tag shooting gallery mode

The arcade laser tag shooting gallery mode is available for each individual target, but if the operator intends to use it often enough, we recommend them buying a ready-made laser tag shooting range kit that includes 4 targets and a Hornet pistol designed specifically for this package.



Even a separate target will add a significant selling point to your laser tag business, and a ready-made shooting gallery will generally become an excellent trainer in the reaction speed, players’ focus and accuracy. In addition, a ready-made laser tag shooting gallery package costs less than the sum of its individual elements.

How it works?

In the laser tag shooting range mode, it is possible to hit the target with an accurate shot only at the moment when the purple illumination of the targets lights up, i.e. the target becomes active.

The active state of the target lasts for a very limited time, and the moment of target activation is chosen randomly in the interval specified in settings.

When a target is hit, it is highlighted for one second with the color of the player’s team, emits a sound signal and shows the number of hit points.

Such an algorithm for target operation allows the operator to host a competition between players and even full-fledged teams, when players from various teams compete in accuracy and speed of fire while simultaneously firing at randomly flaring targets.

If the operator has several targets, it is possible to hold a practical shooting competition by placing the targets at different distances from the shooter and assigning them the score points value depending on the difficulty of hitting each of them.

Hitting multiple randomly triggered targets is a fun while challenging task even for an experienced shooter.

Laser tag shooting gallery equipment Laser tag shooting gallery attraction gear Laser tag shooting range equipment

As in most of our devices, the power socket is located on the side while the power lock is located on the top cover. Inside, there is a 2.2-ampere-hours lithium battery, which guarantees 15 hours of uninterrupted operation. The mass of the target is only 2 lb (900 grams).

Settings tips

The operator can adjust a wide array of settings, including sound volume, backlight brightness and backlight type, and all this can be done right in the playing field. To do this, operator can use any manager remote control (Smart nano remote, Smart remote pro, Remote control pro, Universal remote).

Setting up laser tag target for shooting range

  • The new-game command resets the hit counter (target game statistics).
  • The kill-the-player command allows you to go to the administration mode.

During the setting-up process, the device does not react to shots from a weapon, and the value of the selected parameter is graphically displayed on the LED display at the bottom of the screen.

In administration mode

  • the kill-the-player command performs the transition between the parameters
  • the new-game command changes the value of the current parameter

To configure the main parameters of the target, you need to get into any mode except for the arcade laser tag shooting range mode.

There operator can set up

1. Sound:

— switched off  
   — short beep 
   — long loud sound 


2. Brightness

  — low brightness  
   — moderate brightness
   — very bright


3. Backlight type

41all flashes  — flash all target rings
 42clockwise flashes  — clockwise rotation
 43vertical horisontal flashes  — Alternate vertical / horizontal flashing 
 43flashing off  — backlight off


4. Shown parameters 

selecting shooting range mode for target device  — shooting range mode
 hit counter for laser tag sooting gallery  — hit counter 
   — tagger damage points
   — player ID. Always start from zero and display show three dots 
  — Show damage and player ID


5. In arcade laser tag shooting gallery mode, operator can set

51shooting range laser tag pauses  — Average duration of pauses between switching the target on in seconds from 1 to 9
 52shooting range laser tag activity time  — The target activity duration in seconds from 1 to 5 (we recommend setting it to 1 or 2 seconds, otherwise it will be very easy to hit)
 52shooting range laser tag scoring  — The number of points per one hit (from 1 to 30 depending on the target hit complexity). We recommend setting some of the targets further and add difficulty points to them)


The transition to normal mode occurs automatically in 3 seconds after the user has stopped adjusting the settings.

If within 5 minutes, the target isn’t shot or adjusted, it will turn off and turn it on again by turning the key or by shooting.


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