Pandora's box Laser tag set

Doomsday store for Fallout laser tag
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Pandora laser tag set for Fallout games

This laser tag kit is based on the Doomsday Strongbox Device, a full description of which can be found here.

The kit consists of:  

  • three electronic safes (Doomsday Strongboxes) with three radioactive or biologically hazardous flasks;
  • one activator device designed to install flasks that were taken from the doomsday vaults.

With this set, all game scenarios that can be played with the Doomsday Strongbox are expanded greatly. Now players need not only to open all electronic safes under enemy fire or withstand the attack of zombies and monsters, not only to collect flasks that emit radiation and bring them to a certain place where the activator is located, but also to install them correctly in the activator in order to complete the mission.

Activator for fallout and zombie laser tag games

At the same time, within the framework of the scenario, the activator can serve as a nuclear reactor and the flasks as radioactive elements necessary for its launch. Alternatively, in a zombie scenario, the flasks could be biohazards that need to be delivered to the activator, which is the means to create a vaccine and prevent the imminent zombie apocalypse. Or the activator is the engine of an spacecraft, and its flasks are the fuel needed to fly away from a dangerous planet. All the ideas on which operator’s scenario will be based are limited only by their imagination.

Technically, the result of the mission is the correct installation of the flasks in the activator, which, after installation, stop emitting radioactive or biologically hazardous impulses.  At the same time, if the flasks are installed correctly, activator will begin to blink and play futuristic sounds. If this does not happen, then some kind of flask is installed incorrectly and must be turned over.

Really, the atmospheric device can diversify the scenarios available to any laser tag operator and expand the possibilities of a laser tag quest room.


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