Smart Remote Pro

Laser Tag Nano Remote Control
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4.5 oz or (125 g)
5x2.4x1 in (13x6x2.5 cm)
Rechargeable Battery 

The Smart remote PRO now replaces the well-known Remote PRO, that was a «must-have» manager/referee device for any laser tag business operator. The Progress goes forward and the new device has got a more informative display, including up to 5 lines of text, a user-friendly intuitive interface that provides easy commands selection. It also has a capacious built-in battery that can be charged with any USB charging device.

Energy-saving technologies and power saving mode settings allow the remote pro to be active for up to six months in stand by mode and be able for action without additional recharging.

Referee laser tag devices

The new remote pro has become even smaller. Now it is 5x2.4x1 in (13x6x2.5 cm). And it is more than 2 times lighter than the previous one (4.5 oz or 125 grams instead of 10 oz or 295 grams). That’s why it wouldn’t break the game manager’s pocket.
The new OLED display now displays several lines of information and allows full menu navigation. The body is made of rough plastic, which allows the manager to comfortably hold it  in the palm, without fear of dropping device.
It turns on by pressing the "ESC" key and turns off automatically after a specified time.

 laser tag managment device

Charging the Smart Remote Pro

The device has a built-in Li battery and can be charged from any USB charger connected to the power outlet, from PC, powerbank and so on. The charging process is controlled by the indicator and has much in common with smartphone charging.
The battery life of the smart remote pro with a fully charged battery depends on the brightness settings, the inactive time and the level of the vibration. We have measured the time of its continuous operation with a constantly working display, and it exceeded more than 27 hours. In everyday use, the manager will use this device for several minutes only. The power saving mode allows this device to wake up and work after six months without recharging.

Firmware upgrade

Firmware upgrade became very easy. No need to connect the device via Bluetooth or USB base to Laser tag configurator, just connect it to your Windows PC via USB cable, download the firmware file from Laserwar website, unzip it and copy to the remote. To do this, follow these steps:

1) Connect the Smart Remote Pro to the PC via a USB cable.
2) Enter device firmware update mode by simultaneously holding down the "Down arrow" and "ESC" keys for 10 seconds.

lasertag smart remote pro firmware update
3) Then release only "ESC" key and proceed to hold down the "Down arrow" key. The Smart remote pro screen will display the screensaver, and a new device will appear in Windows Explorer or any other file manager. After opening a new device in windows explorer you will see the readme file and Internet shortcut. Launch this Internet shortcut. and you will be taken to a webpage with descriptions and the new firmware file.
4) Download the archive file with the latest firmware, unzip it and copy the *.bin file to the remote device on your PC file manager.
5) If the firmware is correct, the remote will be automatically restarted with the new firmware. 


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