Time Point

Time Point for Laser tag (control point)
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Laser tag Time Point is the newest device in the line of additional equipment for the most popular team scenarios such as domination or assault. Some functions of this device duplicate functions of domination point, smart control point, universal point, and digital flag.

Laset tag time point from LASERWAR


The difference is that to capture the point (color devices into the color of your team) the player should not only shoot it from his gun but also press the button.

Built-in scenarios
1. Assault. In this scenario, at the beginning of the round one of the teams possesses the timepoint and colors it at the beginning of the game. The goal of this team is to save the point till the end of the round. The time point has a preset number of lives (9 by default). The opposing team should attack and destroy it during a limited round time.
Timepoint has a round countdown that is displayed on side LED scales. If the Time Point is not destroyed at the end of the round than the defending team wins. If it is destroyed during the round than the assaulting team wins.
The number of lives is displayed on the sidebars of the timepoint.

2. Time tug-of-war. In this scenario both teams possess half of the timepoint time. When one of the teams shoots timepoint it takes the time of the other team. The other team can also shoot the point and take back its own time and get the time of the opposite team.
The game stops when one team has got all the time of the opposite team or when the round ends in time. If one of the teams took all the time of the opposite team until the end of the round it wins. If the round ends in time the winner will be the team that took more time. 
Sidebars of the timepoint display the balance of time between teams.

3. War of the worlds. In this scenario, it is possible to play up to 4 teams simultaneously. As in classic domination scenario when the player shoots the point it captures it and it starts to count the capturing time of his team. When another player shoots the point it recolors and starts counting the capturing time of another team. If the point was recaptured again by the first team it resumes counting the time of the first team. At the end of the round, the team that captured the point for the longest time wins.

4. Evacuation.
A predetermined number of different players of the same team should capture the point one by one. So the team that was the first to do it won.
For example, each team needs to evacuate 10 players through a point in the playing field. The first team that brings 10 alive players to the point wins.

Appearance and characteristics 

Digital time point has:
1. 3 LED scales with segment LEDs on the sides as in digital flag.device.
2. OLED display securely covered with glass and showing game statistics on the screen.
3. Standard Li + charging socket.
2. Vandal-proof lock to turn on/off the device.
4. A large red button for capturing in game mode and navigation in admin mode.
5. Digital sound, excellent audibility at a distance.
6. Sound prompts of all main game events.
7. The 3000mAh battery provides up to 8 hours of work.

The device is compatible with all laser tag LASERWAR equipment of all generations. 
We will have different side design options for this device.


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