Tactical helmet Cover

Covers for tactical laser tag helmets
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Price / kg:
Electronics Generation
7.2 oz (204 g)
up to 36 Hours 
Li+ (1.4 Ah)
Li+ (8.4V; 1000 mA) (additional option)

 Quite often, while playing tactical laser tag scenarios, players use ballistic helmets replicas. In these cases, the diameter and stretchability of the laser tag headband is not enough to put it on the helmet, and the use of custom extensions leads to an uneven distribution of the sensors along the helmet circumference. Laserwar has solved this problem long ago, releasing a special headband in the form of a X-cross cover.

"Cover" is a cross-shaped fabric flap with 4 units of hit sensors.

Cover for green milsim laser tag helmet

Such cover will transform your own helmet into a laser tag headband set.

The kit includes a cover with four hook Velcro fasteners sewn on it. Stickies with hook-and-loop interface are glued to the helmet, so the "Cover" can be securely attached to the helmet.

Black cover for military laser tag helmet

Thus, you can use virtually any type of helmet in laser tag.
The Cover is produced in four colors: standard green, and option black, multiсam, or "pixel".
You can also buy Cover + Tactical helmet set or Tactical helmet with integrated hit sensors.



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