Smart RGB laser tag headband

Laser Tag Headband - Headset for a playerLaser Tag Headband (Headset)
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Each player laser game set (with the exception of optional NPC characters) includes the player’s laser tag gun (tagger) and a hit sensor, which is worn by the player and receives signals from the taggers of other players. This can be a bandage located on the head or a vest worn on the body, or both at the same time.

We currently produce and sell three generations of equipment, 9th offline generation, and X and Alphatag online generations.

9th generation and X-gen use Smart RGB laser tag headbands and Smart RGB vests.



The RGB laser tag headband has the following unique characteristics.


The RGB headset has 4 independent hit sensor units, each contains several wide-angle IR receivers that will register even weak infrared signals from other players' laser tag guns. It means that the hit range in the game when using laser tag equipment from Laserwar is much higher, because it is affected not only by the range of the infrared beam from the taggers, but also by the sensitivity of the hits sensors located on players.  

At the same time, each of the hit sensor units has its own vibration motor, which is triggered on only when its specific unit has registered a hit. Thus, the player can feel by vibration from which side they were hit, and can find cover, leave the line of fire or start returning fire.

Laser tag headset usability

This factor both gives additional advantages to the player being hit, and encourages the shooting player to be more careful and not betray their position.

RGB flashing and glowing

The headband can glow in any color, it can be the color of the team or another color set by the game master. Operator can also adjust the duration of the after-hit flashes and its brightness, as well as the constant background glow of the player, which has 15 brightness options which is very useful during night games or to highlight certain characters, such as a hostage, zombie, terminator and others.

Laser tag headband background glow function

In addition, the headband can indicate the role of specific players during the scenario. For example, in the flags scenario, the headband of the player who has stolen the enemy virtual flag and carries it to their base flashes circle-wise.

The glow also helps identify laser tag headset modes such as the player's tagger connection success, firmware update progress, or loss of tagger connection if the headband is lost in the playing field.

We have provided various options for glowing and flickering for all possible modes.

Weight distribution and versatility

The headband control unit is separated from the battery pack, which give the possibility  to distribute the electronics weight on the player's head, which means that the headband is not only comfortable, but also will not outweigh and fall off during fast running, sharp head turns, etc.

In addition, both units have concave-down shape back walls, which repeat the shape of the head and better presses the electronics.

The laser tag headset weighs only 7.8 oz. The size of the headset, depending on the radius of the head, the use of a headwear and other factors, is adjusted using a Velcro hoop-and-loop fastener. This allows the headband to be used by both children and adults.

4 hit sensors for laser tag headset


RGB laser tag headband consists of two layers. The outer layer consists of a dense polyethylene fabric featuring particularly strong abrasion resistance. All the electronics are fixed on this outer layer.

The inner layer is a hygienic cuff made of AirMesh multi-layer fabric, which dampens the outer layer electronics during cutting movements and jumps, removes moisture from the player's head and prevents moisture from entering the electronic components of the outer layer.

Replaceable sweatband for laser tag headband

This inner layer is attached to the outer one with fastener. It can be unfastened and washed in the washing machine. In addition, replaceable hygiene cuffs which you can change between rental games are available in our store.

Anti-cheat system

The headset electronics distinguishes the temporary loss of communication with the tagger, from intentional switching of, so if the user accidentally put the headband very far from the gun or it flew off the player's head, it will again be paired to the tagger under the same conditions as it was before the disconnection moment. Therefore, if the player was active at the time of the disconnection, they will remain active. However, if the player wants to turn off the headband to run across the line of fire, or to cross the beaten zone, when turned back on, it will be inactive. Thus, the headband eliminates cheats during the game.

Laser tag headband (headset) with anti-cheat system


High-capacity battery

Separation of the control board from the battery unit allowed developers to use a larger 1.8-amp-hour battery that can last up to 48 hours on one charge. This is enough for extended scenario outdoor games and for hot weekends when used in arenas.


Laser tag headband power battery indicator function

Camo colors options.

Laser tag headband comes in 5 different colors/camo patterns: plain black, MultiCam, green pixel, woodland, and green moss, so if the operator wants to initially separate the teams by the headbands colors, they can order half of the headbands in one color and half in another.

laser tag headset camo colors

External damage resistance.

The RGB headband will indeed serve the business operator for a very long time, and judging by our crash tests, losing it is much more likely than breaking it. The hit sensor units made of polycarbonate will withstand both drops and bumps, and the internal electronics protected by lacquer coating will survive both rain and snow.

We have deliberately made sure that the range of applicability of the headband is much greater than the player themselves can withstand.

Laser tag headband durability and reliability


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