Wild West laser tag shooting gallery

Laser tag shooting gallery attraction
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Wild West interactive laser tag shooting gallery is an attraction equipment package consisting of:
  • ⁃ Electronic targets with radio transmitters, 
  • ⁃ Statistics radio receiver, which is connected to PC via USB 
  • ⁃ A Hornet laser tag pistol or any other Laserwar-made tagger 
  • ⁃ Windows 10 (or higher) desktop application for targets managing and player scoring.

Since the price of the shooting gallery equipment package starts at $1198, with $5 per player price this business will return its investments in 120 games if two players participate in each game.

Managing and scoring software supports using from 2 to whopping 250 targets simultaneously. The number of targets in this laser tag shooting gallery can be increased or decreased upon your request.

The shooting gallery is fully compatible with any Laserwar guns, however, we recommend using it with a Hornet pistol, or with any taggers with sniper-precision parallax optics, since its beam diameter is much narrower, which is more suitable for the shooting gallery specifics. 

Shooting gallery attraction from laser tag

The shooting gallery software is supplied free of charge with any set of equipment and allows operator to control targets, start and stop games, and calculate players’ points

Scenarios description

1. Arcade shooting gallery

up to 4 shooters
up to 250 targets

The shooter must hit the target for as long as it glows with their color.

  • If the shooter hits a target that glows with his color, it gives them 1 score
  •  if the shooter misses, it takes away 1 score from them,
  • if they hit a target that is glowing with a different color, it takes away 2 scores
2. Training mode

only 1 shooter
up to 250 Targets

The shooter must hit all active targets in minimal time. After all targets are hit, the round restarts.

The player's score is the average percentage of reaction time in milliseconds. 100 ms is taken as 100%

3. Confrontation

2 shooters
even number of Targets, from 4 to 250

The targets are distributed in half between two shooters. The goal of each of the shooters is to hit the enemy target, in which case it gets recolored in their color. The goal of each shooter is to recolor all the opponent's targets in their own color. 

If all targets are colored with the same color, the new round ensues.

If all the opponent's targets are recolored in the player's color, they get 1 score. The goal of the player is to score the maximum number of such win rounds.

4. Outpost

2 shooters ,
even number of Targets from 4 to 250

Targets are randomly distributed in half by color between two shooters. The goal of each shooter is to recolor the opponent’s targets in their own color.

To recolor the opponent’s target in their color, the shooter must hit it 10 times (since each target initially has 10 health points), but after each hit, all targets are randomly swapped while keeping their respective color and health points left.

The shooter can also restore health points of their targets by shooting them, 1 hit increases target health points by 1. However, if a shooter hits their own target that has full health points, this immediately takes 5 points away from that target’s health.

If the shooter manages to recolor all rival’s targets in their color, they get 1 score, and the round starts again.

The player with the most win rounds (most scores) wins the game.

5. Moving target

1 shooter
from 2 to 250 Targets

The shooter must hit a currently active target. The targets get active one after another in a random sequence, that is, once the target goes off, one of its neighbors gets activated.

The sequence and order of which target gets active as well as duration of this status is random.

The shooter gets one point for hitting the target and loses one point if they miss the target.

6. Level Up

Only 1 shooter
from 2 to 250 targets

This scenario is very similar to the previous one, however, the active time of the targets is not random, but rather depends on the currently set Difficulty Level, either increasing or decreasing according to the shooter's accuracy. If the shooter hits the target, then the Difficulty Level increases and the next target lights up for a shorter time, and if they miss, the Difficulty Level drops, and the following target lights up for a longer time.

The current Difficulty Level is displayed on each target

The player's goal is to get to the maximum Difficulty Level by the end of the round.

7. Color mixer

This scenario is similar to the Arcade Shooting scenario. The goal of the shooter is to hit the target that lights up with the shooter's color. However, the rest of the targets are lit with three other different colors that change every second.

If the shooter hits their target, they get 1 point; if they miss, they lose 1 point; if they hit a target of a different color, they los 2 points.




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