«Hornet» pistol special series

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Price / kg:
Electronics Generation
Feedback Type
0.77 lb (0.35kg)
300 ft (100 m)
Up to 20 hours.
Li+ (2.2 Ah; 7.4V)
Li+ (8.4V; 1000 mA) (additional option)



Many notable laser tag equipment manufacturers’ product lines have always been lacking a proper laser tag handgun because it is widely considered that this is not the most popular thing in the laser tag business among players. We always wanted to change this trend, so that’s why we ended up creating this Hornet pistol.

The tagger incorporated all previous developments that we had used to create the earlier embodiment of the perfect laser tag pistol - the Gyrfalcon.

Since our design was inspired by the best examples of the military and civil personal defense industry, especially the Glock, we created a simply magnificent laser tag pistol that can be used in the most demanding rental environment.


Like the rest of our models, this handgun is made from impact resistant plastic that is also used to make real-steel weapons.

The most important thing that we have achieved is the ability to fully integrate electronics into the pistol case so that on the one hand, it fits in a very small body, and on the other hand, it is firmly fixed inside the body and feels safe when exposed to external shocks.
By default, this gun comes with integrated Parallax optics, so it is extremely accurate. However, in order to ensure that this pistol does not wander beyond the capabilities of its weapon class, we have artificially limited the Parallax range here, so it only fires at 330 feet distance (about 100 meters).

Hornet lasertag pistolAnd the jewel in the crown here is when buying this laser tag handgun, you get two different handguns, since the upper part, that is essentially, a bolt carrier, in the basic package comes in two versions, a bulky one with a Picatinny rail for mounting sights, and a compact one with its own front and rear sights.

Laser tag pistol slide and bolt carrierAs with most other taggers from our product line, this handgun can be upgraded with all of our options available, such as an OLED display and feedback.

Laser tag Pistol Hornet

This laser tag handgun can be used as a standalone weapon, or as a secondary if your primary weapon is a light machine gun or sniper rifle. To make this possible, equipment owners can either buy a dual-set headband, or use the Alphatag equipment generation (its headbands feature connecting two weapons to them by default).

This pistol has two Picatinny rails at the top and bottom, on which you can put any mount options, such as flashlights, a laser designator, or a red-dot sight.

Laser tag handgun - HornetWe do recommend this handgun for rental and personal use, however, as it turned out, it has become especially popular among self-defense teaching operators and law enforcement drill instructors.


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